Here is how easily the Chinese repackage refurbished iPhones as brand new devices

Bradley Wint
Jun 26, 2016 1:41am AST
Photo: Classic Daily/YouTube

If you’re buying an iPhone from China from a non-Apple retailer, there’s a good chance that you may have been conned into buying a refurbished product for the price of a new one.

Given that many people sell their iPhones (with very little physical damage) for pennies on the dollar on the used market, it’s not very hard for repair stores to easily fix, reset, and repackage these devices to appear as if they’ve been shipped directly from Apple themselves in new condition.

In the below video, a lady is seen repackaging a refurbished gold iPhone 5S. She applies protective clear strips to the front and back, and then sticks it into an iPhone 5S box with cables (most likely knockoffs) along reprinted literature. The box is then placed into plastic wrap and blow dried to give that factory seal look.

Of course the seal does not look 100% perfect, but I’m sure not many people take the time to notice this anyway.

With very little expenditure going into this process, 3rd party retailers can easily make a killing in profits, and of course there isn’t much that can be done as the Chinese simply do not care about maintaining some king of business ethics.

Beyond scamming customers of extra cash, there is also a potential for dealers to include spyware and other malicious programs on these phones, leaving the customer to be none the wiser.

Check out the video below of the whole process.

chinese-iphone-repackaged-01 chinese-iphone-repackaged-02 chinese-iphone-repackaged-03 chinese-iphone-repackaged-04 chinese-iphone-repackaged-05 chinese-iphone-repackaged-06

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