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Tools and Resources for Homebuyers

Buying a home’s a significant decision. Finding the perfect home can be tricky. You may be focused on design features and location while overlooking structural issues that could turn your dream home into a nightmare, costing you thousands in unexpected repair costs.

Some experts can help you avoid mistakes during the home purchase process. Other professionals provide essential services for existing homeowners. Whether you’re preparing to buy a house or need to maintain your current home, you can benefit from the resources explored here.

Real estate agents and home inspectors can help you buy a home.

Real estate agents must complete training and pass a licensing exam before they start selling homes. These home buying and selling experts help people buy and sell properties. Whether you’re planning to buy your first home or sell your current home and buy a new house, a professional real estate agent can help you find the right property, negotiate with buyers and sellers, and prepare the contracts.

Home inspectors provide vital services when you’re buying a house. They have years of experience and expert training, ensuring they examine the home’s critical systems and identify structural issues before finalizing the sale. A home inspector’s report may be required to finalize your mortgage and secure homeowners insurance for your new house. You can also use their report to renegotiate the purchase terms if they identify significant structural issues. You can request the current owner pay for repairs, ask them to reduce the sale price so you can afford the cost of repairs, or withdraw your offer.

Home maintenance experts keep your home in great shape.


Whether you need your home’s exterior cleaned or want to install gutter guards, home maintenance experts can perform essential exterior home maintenance tasks. Their maintenance teams have years of experience cleaning windows and siding.

They also clean gutters, removing debris that’s blocking your gutters and causing water to back up on your roof. Whether you’re in Charlotte, North Carolina, or Nashville, Tennessee, exterior maintenance specialists help keep your home in excellent shape, preventing costly repairs from mold growth and roof damage.

Reputable lenders make it possible to buy or upgrade your home.


Whether you’re planning to buy your first house in the United States or invest in home renovations, GoodLeap can help you with your financial needs. GoodLeap pros will help you complete the appropriate loan applications and process your applications. Use your preapproved mortgage to buy a new house. You can also use home improvement loans to invest in sustainable home upgrades.

Formerly known as Loanpal, GoodLeap’s an excellent option if you’re exploring sustainable home solutions. Whether you plan to install solar panels on your house or switch to geothermal heating, you can apply for funding from GoodLeap. GoodLeap specializes in financing sustainable home improvements, making it possible to afford energy-efficient upgrades that can increase your home’s value and help you embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

Home maintenance checklists and apps can help you with maintenance and repairs.

Homeowners are responsible for the cost of routine property maintenance. Maintaining your home can prevent costly repairs later and ensure your comfort. For example, replacing your HVAC system’s air filter can help maintain your home’s air quality and prevent your system from spreading toxins in the air.

Refer to a home maintenance checklist to identify annual and seasonal maintenance tasks. A comprehensive checklist ensures you consider every part of your home when developing a maintenance plan. You can also use a home maintenance app. An app is an electronic tool designed to perform specific tasks. You can download Angi to find home repair experts in your area. Alternatively, use Centriq to retrieve repair manuals for malfunctioning appliances.

Homebuyers need reliable professionals and expert resources when they’re buying a home. Once they own a home, they benefit from additional resources and tools to handle home maintenance and repairs. Some essential tools and resources for homebuyers include real estate agents, mortgage companies, and home inspectors. Home maintenance experts, maintenance checklists, and home repair apps help homeowners maintain their homes.