What Are the Most Common Home Repairs?

Whether you’re an experienced homeowner or first-time buyer, there are many necessary responsibilities and tasks for maintaining your household’s beauty and integrity. As time passes, basic wear and tear on your home’s structure and operating systems, such as the HVAC unit, can accumulate. Without ongoing monitoring and some basic knowledge, unresolved home repairs can become costly and could lead to high energy bills, poor indoor air quality, and other potential dangers.

The good news is that all expensive or hazardous repairs can be tackled before disaster strikes. As a homeowner, keeping an eye on common problems with your home’s HVAC, insulation, water consumption, and other utilities can all go a long way in securing your family’s health and budget. Here, we will look at some of the most common issues facing today’s homeowners, as well as some of the most common home repairs.

The Household HVAC System


For homeowners, many common problems occur due to the household’s HVAC unit. This is primarily because the HVAC system is responsible for various important functions. Aside from providing comfort level options and temperature control during the different seasons, both your air conditioner and furnace dictate your indoor air quality through the shared ductwork and vents. Additionally, those air ducts, air vents, and filters should be kept clean throughout the year, as trapped debris and other obstructions can limit the amount of air entering the house. Over time, poor airflow can force the air conditioning unit to work at maximum capacity too often, which is a common cause of frequent breakdowns.

Additionally, if you’ve noticed airflow problems in your home or “cold spots,” you may already be paying for more than your fair share of electricity. When airflow is limited, your HVAC is also causing the utility bill to rise. The combined expenses of the monthly energy bills and possible air conditioner replacement are two major reasons to secure your home’s proper airflow. As far as common household repairs, your home’s HVAC system should be considered a top priority.

Thermostat, Insulation, and Air Quality


An HVAC airflow issue may be a common problem, but it can be caused by a number of related sources. In addition, issues with your unit can lead to other needed household repairs, such as damage due to humidity and leaky ducts. If you’ve been forcing yourself to look here and there around the house for noticeable water damage, there’s a good chance that your duct system may require cleaning or you’re suffering from low refrigerant levels. In either case, a consultation from a professional HVAC technician may be a good idea. It’s also very important to add inspecting your home’s insulation to your homeowner checklist. However, there are still matters of your home’s air quality and other non-unit temperature issues. Perhaps the first thing for any homeowner is to check their air conditioner’s air filters every few months. Keep in mind that your unit’s filters remove debris and outside pollutants from entering your home’s living space. If you have family members with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory illnesses, dirty filters could be a major health hazard.

When it comes to your home’s overall temperature settings, however, it’s of equal importance to always double-check your household thermostat if issues persist. More often than not, a family will assume that problems with cold spots are due to a faulty HVAC system. While that may be the case in certain instances, a broken thermostat can be significantly cheaper to fix or replace. It always pays to ensure that your household thermostat’s batteries are fresh and that the smaller unit is communicating with your air conditioner and heater correctly. If these issues aren’t easily fixable, be sure to schedule regular maintenance with a professional HVAC technician a few times a year.