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6 Crowd Pleasing Gifts to Consider This Year

We’ve all been there. Surfing the web or hitting the aisles of your favorite department store in search of a great deal. You’ve got a promo code for this or a coupon for that. So, you make your gift decisions based on what fits into the coupon code rather than seeking out the perfect gift for whom you’re shopping.

There’s nothing wrong with discount shopping, but there comes a time when you need to skip the promotion and just go after the gift regardless of the fact that it isn’t great for your bank account. Especially if you are looking to garner praise from a group of people, not just an individual. If your next purchase aims to catch the eye of the crowd, try these ideas out this year.

1. Clothes

Okay, this might seem like a boring gift idea, but you need to think about the reasons you are getting clothes as a gift. There is a common misconception that clothing as a gift isn’t exciting. Clothes bring up memories of the sweater that Grandma used to knit for you every Christmas. It’s time to break that mindset.

For example, consider designer sunglasses such as Oakleys, Costas or something similar. Maybe you’ve got a beach trip planned for the family, so you want to get them something that will be both practical and useful and this is where sunglasses enter the mix. They come in a range of colors, both in terms of the frames and lenses, so no one would be caught wearing an identical pair. They’re the perfect addition to your next trip somewhere tropical.

Speaking of getting gear for a family trip, ski coats, boots, and socks all make perfect gifts when paired with some lift passes. This is especially true for the “Ripper” in your family who lives in warmer weather, like the greater Tampa area. These ski enthusiasts are used to the humidity but need to beat the heat with some cold climate gear ready for the mountains around the United States. Clothing and other accessories are a staple of gift-giving. Center your clothing gift choices around the idea of a trip and you’ll keep people in the group happy.

2. Electronics


One of the biggest ticket items to get someone often comes in the form of electronics. These diverse items are found in pretty much every corner of a home or office. From televisions and laptops to appliances in the kitchen, the technology wave has created gadgets for all aspects of your life. Electronics, therefore, make perfect sense for a gift idea.

Not only have appliances become more prevalent throughout your home, but the way you shop for them has become easier and more diverse. ABT Electronics has been changing the way you shop for home appliances, TVs, headphones, and other gadgets for five decades. You can even find an ABT Electronics promo code to help narrow your search since you know it is hard to pick just one tech toy. Whatever electronic device you decide on, though, you can’t go wrong with one that ABT has to offer.

3. An Exotic Pet

Another gift to consider this year is a pet. Not just another dog to run around in the backyard or a cat to chew up your artificial plants, but an exotic animal. Everyone has a typical domesticated pet, so get one that is a talking piece.

An interesting and easier place to start is with a lizard, like a chameleon. These reptiles have several distinct variations, (or sub-species) to pick from, like the ambilobe panther chameleon, which has some of the most vibrant colors on any animal around. These chameleons aren’t extremely difficult to care for, but you should note that they don’t do well with stagnant or dry air. This can be mitigated with a mist system and an open-air cage.

There are also a variety of birds, snakes, and fish to consider, each of which holds a special place of intrigue to them. Consider the care, cage, and type of food that the animal you are considering uses. You’ll also want to determine if you want a particular species. If so, you might want to consult a breeder before you make any purchases. You don’t want to get anything that you can’t properly keep. A panther chameleon or other exotic animal would be a talking point whenever guests are over.

4. A Manicure or Pedicure


Another popular gift to give is a day of pampering. Taking care of yourself is something each of you probably neglects, so giving the gift would not only be something that they haven’t done in a while (or ever) but it would also likely be much needed. It’s also a good opportunity to try some new fashion styles you aren’t used to, like custom nail decal. A nail decal can highlight a particular outfit, give pops of color, or draw in the eyes to a specific design.

There is more to the treatment than just looks. A pedicure is healthy for your feet, too. Many people abuse their feet daily by constantly walking or standing long hours at a time with little to no regard for the shoes they wear, which causes their feet, knees, and hips plenty of discomforts. This gift doubles as an aesthetic boost and health benefit. Giving the gift of nail care will definitely put smiles on faces.

5. Swimming Pool

This might be the year to consider the epitome of crowd-pleasing gifts: the swimming pool. Most homeowners have desired one, but few have joined the community of new pool ownership. A pool transforms a space, and turns a backyard into outdoor living space when you begin to upgrade the area. Put down some elegant brickwork for a patio, add a grill to an outdoor kitchen, and position it perfectly around your new pool centerpiece. If you are living in Florida, particularly in Pinellas, Pasco, or Hillsborough County around Tampa, a cage is also an ideal choice for your gift. This will help to keep the bugs and heat out, so you can entertain in peace.

You’ll just want to make sure you pick the right pool builder from one of the many swimming pool companies in Tampa Florida. They will help you pick the perfect locale and pool design to fit your area. You can shop around and find the best price for you. If you want bonus points with the family, adding a hot tub into the area will really make the space stand out.

6. Treats and Sweets


Some great gifts that are always favorites are chocolates, candies, and cookies. Whenever the present is something sweet, it sends a message that is more than just food—it’s saying that the person means something to you. These small gifts can be the expectation for a holiday season, also.

One of the great things about sweets is you can often find a bundle pack of them. This means there will be a variety of different flavors all within one delectable box. If it is close to Christmas time, you can also get themed treats like tree candy. Candy canes and other holiday favorites will bring smiles to children and adults alike.

Though there are a wealth of other presents to consider, this is a small gift guide to point you in the right direction. Each of these gifts will easily wow the crowd.