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5 ‘Manly’ Gifts Your BF Is Sure to Love

Looking for the ideal gift for your boyfriend who likes nothing better besides weekend hunting trips or other outings with his mates? Then your shopping should be relatively simple.

You know he is the macho type. So toys for big boys or electronic gizmos and their accessories are the stereotypical way to go — but you can still give your boyfriend unique gifts he’s sure to love. Here are a few gift ideas to help you start brainstorming.

Gun cases

The shotgun in the pantry could use a better home, and so could the handgun he has kept in the bedroom you share. Negrini Cases offer a complete line of gun cases for ever gun from hunting rifles and shotguns to handguns and shotgun shells. The cases tend to be lightweight and compact and are sanctioned for air travel. Orders can be placed online at the company’s U.S. distribution center in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Shipments usually take two to five days to reach their destination. Score!

Cell Phone Cases

Another gift option might be a phone case that keeps his phone safe and looking cool. If you are looking for just that, Limited 77 could help you out. It sells the wooden iPhone case by the hundreds, and you have plenty of styles and patterns to choose from. Plus, they’re made of high quality wood (which offer maximum phone protection), which will make the case stand out from others.

Tickets to a Game

If your guy is a sports fan, it would seemingly be hard to go wrong if you buy him tickets to see his favorite team play. While this may not be possible this year, you can get creative by throwing a game night party for him, complete with all his favorite snacks, close friends, and maybe even a new jersey so he can celebrate and root for his favorite player and team.

A Night out With the Boys.

This is another no-brainer as rare is the man who does not enjoy an evening out with his best pals. If you know his favorite after-work hangout spots, you could work out an arrangement with the bar. Pay for the tab ahead of time, and reserve a section of the bar for him and his friends (these days, seating will most likely have to be outside). If this were to come as a surprise, he might even be more grateful. With certain apps, you can order drinks for someone else while not even being in the same city.


It’s a stereotype for a reason. Guys really love tools, and they love walking through the aisles of Home Depot or Lowes just for fun. If you know what tools your man needs, go ahead and purchase them. If you’re not sure, get him a gift card. Sure, gift cards can feel a little impersonal, but it definitely bites when you buy you guy a tool he either owns or doesn’t need!

If you need help, check out AskMen, which provides a useful guide to 12 essential power tools. Get him one of these and know something about it before you give it to him and he will be thankful and impressed.


But maybe your guy isn’t interested in tools! Maybe he’s more of a Hemingway or Fitzgerald fan (yes, books can be “manly” and “rugged” too). For him, a gift certificate to the local independent bookstores would be a sure winner. Or you could order a book from the Goodreads macho book list.

Whatever gift you choose for the manly man in your life, the key is to understand exactly what he wants. And that might mean asking on the DL and getting your “research” just right. He’s bound to be super grateful for your thoughtfulness.