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Cancer Diagnosis: 5 Tips for Coping

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a difficult process. Upon hearing the news, you are flooded with concern over your health and livelihood. Over time, additional concerns such as your life goals and financial prospects become entangled in your daily thoughts. Learning how to cope with your diagnosis, in addition to addressing these anxieties, is a daunting task. Taking care of yourself is the top priority and this includes your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. By following five primary tips for coping with your cancer diagnosis, you gain the peace of mind needed to tackle your battle head-on.

Communication is Key

Being diagnosed with cancer often feels like an isolating experience. While it may be difficult for your friends and family to understand what you are going through, they are ultimately your biggest source of support. Communicate openly with your loved ones about how you are feeling and what you are experiencing on any given day. This decreases feelings of loneliness and allows you to remain connected with the people who matter most. Tell them what you need from them and how they can be helpful to you as you continue to cope with this strenuous development.


Manage Your Finances

Though it is tough to prioritize your financial situation, this step is necessary to help you cope with what is going on. Once your finances are in order, you have one less thing to worry about as you undergo treatment for your cancer. If you are worried about your current finances, consider the prospect of receiving a viatical settlement. For those wondering, “What is viatical settlement and how can it help me?”, the answer is relatively straightforward. A viatical settlement allows a third party company such as American Life Fund to purchase your existing life insurance policy in exchange for a lump sum cash payout. The cash value of your viatical settlement largely depends on your life insurance policy and the amount of coverage you have.

With the viatical settlement, you receive assurance that any end of life expenses are going to be covered. This takes the pressure off of you during your treatment as you no longer have to worry about how your loved ones are going to handle these added expenses.

Review Your Priorities

In addition to managing your finances and connecting with loved ones, taking time to review your priorities is an essential coping mechanism for those with cancer. Now is the time to determine what matters most in terms of achieving your life goals. Is there a degree you want to finish? A new skill you want to learn? Is there someone you want to travel with? Think about what you most want to do with your time and prioritize these activities and achievements above others. This provides you with reassurance and allows you to focus on things that bring you the most joy and satisfaction.


Take Care of Your Body and Soul

Learn more about what can be done to care for your body and soul as you continue with your cancer treatments. Natural remedies such as CBD products ease the pain associated with chronic illness. Companies such as Plain Jane use the cannabis flower to create numerous CBD products designed to provide pain relief and relaxation to those suffering from cancer. Pre roll joints are one of the most popular options as they are ready to use straight from the package. Try a few CBD products to see what works best for you and designated periods of the day for meditation and reflection to take care of your soul through your diagnosis.

Join a Support Group

Cancer support groups are available if you want to speak with people who directly understand what you are experiencing. Work with your healthcare provider to determine what groups are available in your area and arrange to join a meeting when you feel ready. Most people who join a support group report feeling more understood and hopeful, and they often feel better with each session. Being around people who know what you are going through is immensely helpful and provides you with an added layer of support.