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8 Reasons Why JNCO Jeans Need to Stay Gone Forever

From high rise jeans to jeggings (denim leggings), denim is still a huge part of the everyday wardrobe for people all over the world. A little more than two decades ago, some of us were trying to get our parents to buy us a $100 pair of arguably the worst style of jeans to date. Thankfully, JNCO (“Judge None, Choose One”) jeans are a thing of the past in 2020. However, jeans are not. Here are eight reasons why JNCO jeans need to stay gone forever!

1. JNCO officially went out of business in 2018.

Whether or not you were hoping they would make a comeback in the future, JNCO officially fell away from the fashion world in 2018. French brothers Haim Milo and Jacques Yaakov Revah launched JNCO back in 1985. But by 2000, JNCO’s sales dropped dramatically and they ended up shutting down their main manufacturing facility. For the next 15 years, they led a quiet existence, in the fringes of rave and skater fashion.

2. Welcome back, skinny jeans!

We don’t need you, JNCO! Some denim wearers will argue that skinny jeans for women are the perfect pair of jeans. Since the 1970s, skinny jeans have offered a flattering shape around the waist while hugging the calf or the ankle, giving the wearer a silhouette to die for. With a pair of skinny jeans, you can wear so many different varieties of blouses and shoes that pair perfectly with this style of denim. These jeans even pair well with a simple graphic tee.


3. How did people walk in JNCO jeans anyway?

Heavily inspired by East LA street fashion, the makers of JNCO set out to challenge conventional fashion statements by creating the widest-legged pants on the market. If you’ve seen JNCO jeans, you can probably guess they aren’t the most efficient pair of pants to wear. The jeans were produced in a variety of styles and lines, ranging from ultra-wide jeans with leg openings greater than 50 inches to more conservative styles.

4. Less is more.

Maybe this doesn’t apply to everything in life, but it does with some of the more popular styles of jeans today. Let’s face it, JNCO jeans were just too much denim for one person. If the size of the width of the pant leg wasn’t already too big for you, those nearly two-foot-long pockets are bound to turn most denim wearers away.

5. We have several jean options today.

From super-stretch skinny to boyfriend style jeans, there is a wide variety of jeans for everyone nowadays. Even if the 90s teenager in you wants to try to bring them back, please let JNCO jeans be a thing of the past and give the practical yet stylish jeans a chance! Even mom jeans are a better bet than those tree trunk-size pants.

6. There’s a reason JNCO jeans went out of business.

If something isn’t selling on the market, it’s because people don’t want it. JNCO got lucky at the beginning with the company’s unique style, but that’s what fashion in the 90s was all about — taking risks. It might have taken a couple of decades, but society finally decided to kick out the ultra-wide jeans for good. Thank goodness for that!

7. Take a picture — it will last longer.

There’s no doubt about it. If you are out wearing your old JNCO jeans in public, people are going to stop and stare. Not only because the style is considered unattractive in 2020, but because they are simply ridiculously outlandish. If you are feeling brave and want to try it out, try to anticipate lots of stares and maybe even some finger-pointing.

8. There is plenty of room for better styles of denim in the world of fashion.

Each year different styles of denim come onto the market. Despite how big JNCO jeans used to be, there are plenty of options to choose from today that are practical to wear as well as beautifully eye-catching. The styles available today might make people stare at you, but not because you are wearing ridiculously wide-legged jeans.