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How Can Explainer Video Software Make My Life Easier?

How often do you turn to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video platform when learning something new? If you’re like most people, it’s pretty often. Whether it’s a whiteboard-style explainer video or a slideshow presentation with voiceover, video tutorials, and other audio-visual formats are an effective way not just to teach something but to get specific points across, too.

No matter how often you watch explainer videos, have you considered making them yourself? With the right explainer video software, you can create various whiteboard animations and other creations that make your life or career a little bit easier. In any field, an individual can use these videos as tools to teach, persuade, and so much more.

For Educators


Teachers will find whiteboard videos and other explainers are an unrivaled tool for instructing students, particularly if you’re educating remotely. You can go through lessons, syllabuses, or even an entire course by creating your own explainer video. Of course, you still have to work with your students in other ways. Still, these animated explainer videos may very well become the best part of a student’s day.

For Students


Like teachers, albeit on a much more minor scale, students often have to give presentations, even teaching lessons to their peers at times. The best explainer video software will make it easy for you to create an explainer video to make your point clear or move through the lesson in question. Again, like with a teacher’s class, this type of video won’t always replace your presentation—be sure to consult your instructor to ensure it’s an acceptable format for a particular project—but it can help you move through your assignment with a streamlined video creation process.

For Professionals


Education isn’t the only field where a good explainer video can simplify your daily life. A professional video might be a startup’s explainer, a project presentation, or the introduction of an HR initiative. Even product launches and promo videos can be improved with this type of animation software! Behind the scenes or on the front lines of a company, a simple video production program can ensure your message is brought out succinctly, creatively, and effectively.

For Creatives


Those in a creative field will find these types of videos just as valuable as corporate professionals would. For example, if you need to create a music video, you could use the same software as someone else to make a whiteboard explainer video. Perhaps you’ll animate a storyline to bring a piece of visual art to life in multimedia. Even writers can take advantage of this software, using fonts, visuals, audio, and other resources to create videos such as a book trailer or poetry reading. Like any other task, you’d take on, be as creative as possible for the best results.

For Marketers


Video marketing is a massive subject in and of itself, yet it’s nevertheless one that can be simplified by these types of explainer videos and the software that helps create them. Like in other industries, you don’t need to be a video creation expert to use an online tool. With the right video creation software, you can market your products or services in a whole new way, reaching an expanded audience with your awesome videos.

In any industry, the immersive experience of explainer videos can make the process of teaching, presenting, or advertising a simpler one. With the right video tool, you can create different styles depending on your needs at that moment. From storytelling to persuasion, the best tool lets you create the type of video you want without needing advanced features or a background in video production—all you need is the right tool for the job.