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How to Make the Call Center Your No. 1 Ally No Matter Your Industry

Customer service is becoming increasingly important in a wide range of industries. This is due, in part, to the fact that customer service and the customer experience are viewed more and more as a key differentiator between businesses. Especially in a highly-personalized era of digital technologies, consumers expect a lot from the companies they interact with. Laws governing monopolies in the United States also ensure that consumers always have another choice. You’ve likely seen this play out in your own life. If you don’t like your phone provider’s customer support, there’s always another option.

If you feel like the value from your streaming entertainment service isn’t there anymore, there are new platforms popping up every year. This ultimately begs the question: how do you best harness customer service to help you grow your business? The answer starts by having a dynamic marketing call center platform that integrates with your other CRM software.

If customer experiences and support are such a differentiator, you might be wondering why having the right marketing call center software is part of the solution. However, if you can integrate information about your customer’s purchase behavior and preferences with your sales agents you will be able to make how much deeper connection with your customers. 

Say, for example, that you’re a softgel manufacturer focused on serving your customer’s high-quality nutritional supplements. Each customer who buys your supplements has a certain value to your business; however, you likely only view them as a recurring purchase. Leveraging your call center as an ally can completely change this.

If your call center software integrates with your customer relationship management solution, you can target these customers much more specifically by looking at their purchase patterns. This might involve sending them an email coupon for a buy one get one half off deal on supplements before their normal order date.

If they were previously on the fence about purchasing a new supplement this specific deal at the right time may be just what they need to convert. you may even want to use the data that your CRM system gives you about purchasing habits to help your sales agents better understand what sorts of products your customers are looking for. This might mean pitching another supplement that helps with bone density if you see that a customer has an affinity for bone-related supplements. It could also mean suggesting a more premium supplement than what a customer is already using.

It’s also important to recognize that call centers are more than just phones. Modern call center software platforms enable your business to interact with your consumers through a variety of mediums and channels. These include live web chats, video chatting, email, and SMS. An omnichannel approach allows you to address your customers’ concerns on the platform that best fits their schedule and preferences. 

This is another form of personalization and choice that can play a role in how positively or negatively consumers feel about your brand. Accessibility is becoming increasingly important in a more globalized world, and having the right software can empower your business to reach and keep its customers effectively and efficiently.

As you can see, the benefits afforded to your business by having the right call center platform can be quite powerful. Time and again, studies have illustrated that it’s harder to find a new customer than it is to keep an existing one. When you aren’t able to meet your customers where they are and address their needs, it’s hard to imagine retaining many of your customers. 

Additionally, when you have integrated solutions that harness your customers’ preferences and behaviors, you can market to them in highly-targeted ways. The result is a relationship that is as rewarding for the consumer as it is for your bottom line.