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5 Smart Ways to Protect Your Business

Businesses are significant financial investments for all entrepreneurs, so it makes sense for business owners to invest in security measures to protect their company. This way, you avoid financial losses in many forms and ensure that your enterprise remains functional long enough for you to extract long-term value from it.

However, protecting your small business or large enterprise in today’s age is challenging, given the diverse range of threats that the modern company faces daily. Nevertheless, there are many practical steps you can take to help you secure your enterprise. Below are five great tips worth considering to protect your company.

1. Secure your physical location.


Your company’s building is essential to your operations, so it is prudent to invest in helpful security solutions to guarantee your building’s protection. Burglaries, vandalism, and arson are some of the common threats that your office building faces without proper security measures in place. Consequently, invest in CCTV cameras that you can place at strategic points all over your premises, as these can deter criminals from targeting your company due to their fear of being caught on camera. Also, you can install a video doorbell system to monitor activity in and out of your business. Access control systems, ID cards, and proper exterior lighting are also effective in securing buildings. Furthermore, hiring security guards is also an excellent idea because they can patrol your premises and address security issues in real-time. However, threats to your business and its operations may still be looming elsewhere, despite all these measures. Therefore, investing in a solution that can notify you about dangers beforehand is necessary to make your overall security approach more proactive. Leading corporate security tools providers can help with this need.

The LifeRaft Navigator platform is a potent business security tool that strengthens corporate security by identifying, analyzing, and validating potential threats to your company property, operations, and employees. This security intelligence platform monitors multiple open sources, including chat boards, social media, blogs, and the deep and dark web to identify any information relevant to your company. The platform then fishes out any threatening posts, like a bomb threat or looming cyberattack, alerting your company in real-time so that your team can prepare and respond adequately to emerging events. Businesses can customize this platform’s push notifications to receive alerts based on their notification criteria. This way, you can receive real-time alerts concerning threats to your executives, trespassing on your premises, and even emerging events that could compromise your corporate safety. What’s more, Navigator uses top-notch analytics that enables you to investigate smarter and more cost-effectively. As such, you can gather information, authenticate threats, and continue monitoring information flow from these online platforms to understand online relationships.

2. Partner with a great lawyer.

An excellent lawyer can also be a great resource all businesses can rely on for security, so it’s crucial to partner with a great attorney. Lawyers come in handy in a lot of scenarios, including contract agreements. Contracts are relevant to business, and your attorney can review any contract before you sign it to ensure that it’s in your best interest. Lawyers can also help you decide what legal entity you should use when forming your business, guide you through mergers and acquisitions, and help you navigate the legalities of hiring and firing employees. Trusted law firms, such as Global Legal Law Firm, will come in handy when seeking great lawyers to assist you with any merchant account issues when they arise.

Global Legal Law Firm is based in San Diego, and they specialize in electronic payments litigation, both locally and across the US. Since many modern businesses accept credit cards, they can set up reserve funds for credit card payments. This reserve account will come in handy if customers dispute purchases, ensuring that you have enough money to cover any potential chargebacks that may arise. Many merchant banks require you to have reserve amounts to protect themselves, and this may be a rolling reserve at the start. However, your bank might demand a minimum fund balance for this reserve account if you’re deemed a high-risk merchant account. Global Legal Law Firm can help you if you’re battling an unusually high number of chargebacks, helping you transform from a high-risk to a low-risk business.

3. Use cybersecurity tools.

Businesses are favorite targets for many hackers worldwide, so investing in cybersecurity tools for your enterprise is a great idea to protect yourself. Network security tools, like firewalls and VPNs, are necessary to prevent outsiders from accessing your network. Email, application, and end-point security tools are all worth considering to fully protect your enterprise from cyberattacks. Also, it’s essential to invest in the best and latest wireless technology and other accessories for your business. Reliable computer wholesalers, such as Sil Micro, can handle these concerns.

Sil Micro Corp is a leading distributor of WiFi and wireless access technology in Doral, Florida. Some of their products include routers, radios, fiber optic, antennas, internet gateways, switches, security cameras, and VOIP solutions. They have direct contact with major distributors and manufacturers in the country and overseas and are committed to offering competitive pricing in all product categories. Furthermore, SilMicro has over 20 years of experience selling IT products and electronics and remains committed to serving customers the right way.

4. Find a great accountant.

Accountants are necessary to stay on top of your numbers from the beginning. Great accountants can free you from the stress and potential penalties associated with paying company taxes or going to court to defend your enterprise’s financial activities. Also, an accountant’s insights can help you save money on taxes, structure your business well, and even expand, making them crucial to any significant company decision. However, it’s necessary to find great CPE solutions for your accountants to ensure compliance since they are required to maintain their professional competency by participating in continuing professional learning education, regardless of the industry they operate in.

5. Purchase business insurance.

Business insurance is necessary to help your organization cover liability claims and property damage-related costs. Without this insurance, you will have to cover these costly claims and damages out-of-pocket. General liability insurance is necessary for most enterprises, and you may need professional liability insurance if you provide advice or professional services to patrons. Worker’s compensation, business interruption, and cyber insurance are other insurance types you may need to secure your company thoroughly.

The modern-day business faces many threats from diverse areas that can harm its operations and bottom line. The above-listed points are five smart tips to help you secure your business against many of these dangers.