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Ways To Make Your Home More Efficient

Homeowners today will typically look for ways to be more eco-friendly and energy-efficient. For some, it’s a matter of being socially, environmentally, and personally responsible. Others may be looking for ways to cut down their high energy bills that consistently surprise them. No matter why you want to make your home more efficient, let’s dive into a few ways you can create an energy-efficient space with relative ease.

Repair or replace systems that are operating poorly.


One thing that homeowners may not know is that older appliances can be the cause behind your high electric bills. Older products simply weren’t designed like they are today. Just by switching over to a new appliance, you can save almost $100 per year on your energy bills. Additionally, your high bills could be indicative of something wrong with the appliance rather than its age. One example is your air conditioner. An older AC unit can be one reason behind high utility bills. However, it may also be related to problems like problems in the ductwork, dirty coils, or clogged air filters in your air conditioning that are reducing airflow and shooting debris from the dirty filter out into the rooms of your home, or even using an old thermostat to control your HVAC system instead of a new product.

If inefficient cooling by your AC is behind high energy bills, head online to find an experienced HVAC technician near you who can help fix the existing issues. Whether your HVAC needs to be repaired or replaced, a technician will identify issues in your cooling system, help you understand your choices for necessary repairs or replacements, and give you the affordable, quality service that you’re looking for when taking care of your HVAC system. Don’t let HVAC systems or other household appliances use too much electricity and raise your energy costs!

Get your drinking water delivered instead of drinking tap water.

With some states like California facing droughts, homeowners are becoming more conscious about their water consumption during the summer months. Still, you may be surprised to learn that the average home uses approximately 300 gallons of water per day. If you drink tap water, this may take up a good portion of your water consumption. The good news is that there are solutions.

One solution is to purchase water delivery services. A water delivery company will hook you up with a water cooler and regular water deliveries of clean, 3-gallon-jugs or 5-gallon-jugs right to your doorstep (there are typically other options as well if you want them). Besides cutting down on the amount of water you use in your home, going with a water dispenser is the best way to avoid the unnecessary waste produced by buying individual plastic bottles. If you want to be environmentally friendly (while getting spring water with no impurities), get your water delivered by a water company.

Examine windows and doors to make sure they’re properly sealed.


Do you run cool air throughout your home, yet feel like it never actually gets cooler? It may be an issue with your home rather than an inefficient air conditioner or an older system. Cracks around windows and doors can let the air flow out of the home rather than containing it. Assess the sealing around your windows and doors to figure out where the air is running out and seal these areas up immediately.

Are you tired of spending way too much money on water and energy? Are you ready to make a change and never look back? If you want your home to be more efficient, use some of the tips above to start working on some of the issues that may be holding you back.