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3 Ideas to Help Mature Couples Add More Spice to Their Relationship

As people in long-term relationships know, it can be hard sometimes as you get older to keep the spark alive. You may love and cherish each other, but the crazy sex life from your younger years can start to feel like a distant memory. There is no reason for that. If both you and your partner still want an active sex life, then you need to take the extra steps needed to spice things up again. It doesn’t matter how long things have gone dry; if you both love each other and want to be with each other, there should be nothing stopping you.

Here are three ideas for how mature couples can spice things up.

1. Go on a trip together.


Getting away can be both an absolute stress relief and a wild adventure. Go on a road trip to places you’ve always talked about going to. It’s easier than it sounds. Make a list of places you want to see, and then open up Google Maps and start figuring out the best route. Look up gas prices in the different locations to make a budget for the trip, as well as admission fees and ticket prices for anything you want to see along the way. It’s a good idea to see if you need reservations for any of the locations as well. Go somewhere with a romantic waterfall or reserve a fancy hotel room with a jacuzzi. Work together to make the itinerary, but also don’t be afraid to take a side road trip for something you didn’t know about while planning. Have impromptu sex somewhere while on the road. Within reason, of course (no need to get yourself arrested to add spice).

2. Start a small business together.


This might seem like an odd suggestion but keep an open mind. When couples get older, they no longer have their children or careers to keep them busy and their minds engaged. Sometimes, people get bored with their lives or depressed, feeling like they don’t have a purpose anymore. That depression will impact personal and romantic relationships. Oftentimes, when relationships get dry, it’s also because the couple has lost some of that personal connection they once shared. Starting a small business that can be run part-time will give couples something to work on, look forward to, and engage their minds. Doing it together will give them something to bond over and talk about. Something as simple as designing and selling pre roll stickers online can be enough to invigorate the mind. Think of an idea, hobby, or craft that you both enjoy, and sit down together to discuss ways you can turn it into a small business.

3. Try something completely different in the bedroom.


When a couple has been together for years, they get into a routine in their sex life. Even if they have all the love in the world for each other, routines can get boring. One way to spice up a relationship is to try something completely different. Try a sex toy, foreplay, lingerie, bondage, or role-play a sexual fantasy. Take a shower together or try a different sex position. Go to a cooking class, pretend you don’t know each other, and go on a first date. Talk to a sex therapist. When you have a safe level of intimacy with your spouse, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable telling them what you want to try. For any long-term relationship to be successful, you need to share thoughts, emotions, and fantasies. Maybe you’ve always thought about BDSM, but you were worried your partner would think you were weird. Now is the time to open yourself up to new and greater experiences together.