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How to Make Your Jewelry Sparkle for the Holidays

Everyone enjoys sporting a nice piece of jewelry, especially around the holidays. Who doesn’t want to drown themselves in diamonds, to really get into the holiday spirit and become their own winter wonderland? Holiday parties, work events, and fancy dinners are right around the corner and are more than enough reason to get all decked out in the holiday spirit, even if Christmas will be on Zoom this year. You will want to dazzle not only your friends and family but yourself.

Time’s Up

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How to Protect Your Jewelry

When it comes to your fine accessories, you may be wanting tips for protecting jewelry. Since you most likely value your gemstones, pearls, or fine metals (like platinum or yellow gold), you will hardly be able to resist the allure of their sparkle once they are all shined up and polished. Sadly, even the most glamorous of jewelry can fade over time. Many take their pieces to a trusted jeweler for a professional clean, but this option can often be expensive. The good news is there are some great DIY methods that will be able to save you time and money.

The best tip to remember is to avoid using harsh products that contain chemicals on your jewelry. If you are in possession of diamonds using ammonia to clean them is a reliable trick. All you have to do is let the item soak in warm water and one cup of ammonia for 15 minutes. As you take them out of the mixture, you can then use a soft brush to scrub away any grime. When you’re done, rinse the pieces off, and you will have one shiny gemstone, regardless of the type of jewelry you’re cleaning.

If your mother ever told you that vinegar cleans everything, she was right! Using white vinegar is one of the essential tools for any DIY cleaner. Just drop the jewelry into a full jar and let them sit for 15 minutes. Give them a little stir halfway through the cleaning process, and then pull them out to dry off. Essential oils like lemon can also be handy for a cleaning job since you can leave the pieces in overnight while you sleep and wake up to gleaming jewels in the morning.

Since it is the holidays, you should have this common item lying around your home: beer! Yes, a cold one can do wonders on any yellow gold or white gold jewelry you have lying around. Just put a bit of your favorite lager onto a rag and softly rub the dirt away. You can also take a sip in between to get a little more jolly.