a group of people standing around a christmas tree

4 Ways to Make This Christmas Unforgettable

The holidays are meant for giving. You can have an unforgettable Christmas this year by giving hope, joy, and cheer to your loved ones, family, and community. After a hard year, people are looking for connection and a sense of community. Feeling isolated because of the pandemic and social distancing and gathering guidelines, many people will struggle with grief and loss over the holidays.

You can help with that by offering the gift of yourself and your unique talents to others this year. If you do, your Christmas will be unforgettable. For four ways to make this year’s Christmas one for the memory books, read on.

1. Help your community.


You don’t need to spend a fortune on unforgettable Christmas gifts to make this year’s holiday season memorable. Instead, think about things you can do that will bring joy and cheer to others. Consider writing out Christmas cards to people in long-term care facilities who might not be able to get out and visit loved ones this year. Write to someone in the military, or get a prison pen pal.

If you’re great with crafts, consider making Christmas hats or homemade masks for essential workers as a thank you for all they’ve done for the community too. If you like to bake, they might appreciate cookies to bring home to their families or other treats they may not have time to make themselves this year. The ideas are endless if you consider what you’re good at and to who you’d like to offer some holiday magic.

2. Inspire acts of kindness.


It’s the little things that can make the biggest impact. Something as simple as help with common household repairs could make a major difference in the holidays for your elderly neighbor. Offer your services for outdoor yardwork or even picking up groceries. Between restrictions, shutdowns, and health risks, many are stuck in their homes with very little supports. You could be that Santa’s helper for someone while their family can’t. Throw on a Santa hat, and you just might find yourself gifting the Christmas spirit and even receiving it back.

3. Spread joy.


Throw on those magnetic lashes and your ugliest Christmas sweater. Top it with a Santa hat and make a necklace out of garland. Hop in your car, complete with Christmas lights and a Rudolph nose upfront, and turn your speakers up high. While this might not be the year to go Christmas caroling, there’s no reason you can’t drive through neighborhoods or arrange a makeshift parade to spread joy. To make it extra festive, invite your neighbors along for the ride. Socially distanced car parades down neighborhood streets are a great way to gift people a sense of community.

4. Stay connected.


Help keep the spirit alive by connecting with family, friends, and those you can’t visit this year. Set up digital zoom meetings with Christmas themes. Have a costume contest, play a favorite holiday board game, or even sync a favorite Christmas movie. While it won’t be the same as your typical Christmas gatherings, it might just be unforgettable all the same.

If you will be alone on Christmas, reach out. There are online support groups for people just like you. In that way, you aren’t alone. Give yourself the gift of staying connected, and message someone you love. Friends and family will be happy to hear from you. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or even accept help from a stranger this year. The holidays are meant as a time of giving, and you deserve to be on the receiving end.