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Moving for Minimalists

Moving can be one big hassle. But for minimalists, it’s not so bad. One of the perks of owning less is that when it comes to moving day, you’re already boxes and boxes ahead of the average mover. Minimalism could even mean saving expenses on large vans and rentals. It can mean more time for adventure along the way and less worry about the logistics of the baggage that comes with more having more things.


But that doesn’t mean minimalists are worry-free in a move either. Change can be difficult and there are still many decisions to make. Choosing a new home, making decisions about your final destination, and planning the actual traveling are all things to plan ahead for. If you’re a minimalist and considering a move, here are some things to consider before grabbing the packing cubes and getting on your way.

Moving Logistics



You may not have as many belongings as the average person, but it’s still nice to have help. Minimalists looking for a hassle-free move can always consider calling a moving specialist. There are plenty of movers in Maryland, for example, who will help you get boxed up quickly and off to enjoy the fun part of the travel for those long distance moves.


Before calling a mover, make a plan. Take all the items you plan to bring to your new home and put them in one or two rooms. By organizing what’s coming and what’s not, you’ll have a better idea of what your moving company needs are. Moving companies offer more than you may think. You can opt for them to just move your things no matter how far the distance, or to help with packing, too. They can come to your home for a free estimate and will often offer junk removal as well.


Moving companies will also work with you on options for long and short term storage in highly secure warehouses. Give them a call to learn more about what they can do for you.

Must Brings



Whether going with a professional moving service or hitting the road in a rental van or with a trailer, you’ll need to stay hydrated. With all the packing up of your home, you don’t want to make the mistake about packing to care for you and your loved ones, too. Don’t forget to pack some Canadian Springs water and plenty of healthy snacks in a cooler no matter how far you’re traveling. Depending on how far you plan to go, you’ll also want to think about breaks and stops along the trip. If you’re as conscious about spending money as you are about unnecessary items, sleeping in rest stops, Walmart parking lots, on public land, or in converted vans or vehicles might be the way to go.


If traveling with children, be sure to bring them items to entertain them. Tablets, coloring books and more will help make your trip more peaceful. Plan ahead for things to do like road trip games and family trivia. Staying entertained will make the whole trip feel easier. Don’t forget to pack blankets, pillows and other comfort items if you’ve got a long trip ahead of you. Snacks and drinks for them as well as any baby items like diapers are things to throw in a travel bag now.

Storage Options



Even the best minimalist can find good use for storage units every now and then. If your move is only temporary, for example, it might be smart to look into this instead of dragging everything you own cross country. Because you don’t have too many items weighing you down, you can find a small unit and pay an affordable fee instead of moving your belongings across the country. Again, consider asking a professional moving company about their options for storage as well.


Not sure about spending the money? That’s okay, too. Talk to family and friends about using a corner of their garage or basement to store items you don’t want to bring with you. Well boxed items could be stored free or at an even more reduced cost if this is the angle you choose. Thank them by inviting them to stay with you after settling into your new home.


If storing items is not for you, you could also consider giving them away. Goodwill, United Way, and Salvation Army shops are great places to donate unneeded stuff. Putting items on the curb with a sign that lets your neighbors know it’s free for the taking also works. Facebook marketplace ads, Craigslist and other platforms may be great places to let people know about free or for sale items. Selling things you don’t need anymore is a great way to pay for the gas money, food expenses, and lodging you may need during the travel portion of your move.

Minimalist Traveling



Moving can be a grand adventure. Whether you’re moving for a job or just a change of pace, be sure to enjoy the travel part. Especially if working with a moving company, consider planning on an extra few days for stops along the way. It’s not everyday you have a chance to explore new places and you’ll thank yourself for it if your move isn’t rushed and carves out time to play tourist.


If you haven’t nailed down your exact destination and are winging the move, something to look into is tiny houses and alternative living communities. As a minimalist, these might be the perfect places for you. With like-minded people, these communities are sprouting up all over the country. Tiny homes and even restored Airstreams in tiny neighborhoods are places minimalist like you are flocking to these days. While doing your planning, consider this option, too.


Carrying endless loads of belongings into your new place won’t be an issue for you. And, while change is hard for everyone, because of your lighter load, you have more opportunity to enjoy this move. Keep an open mind along the way and you’ll soon find that adventure awaits.