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How to Find the Best Servers to Host Your Games

Online gaming is a huge industry that is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, with the current Covid-19 pandemic still keeping many people in their homes, it is often the case that new players are emerging on an almost hourly basis. Let’s take a look at game servers, and how to find the best ones for your games.

Take me into the ball game.

Live sports may have mostly stopped during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them altogether. Virtual versions of your favorite games are out there to be enjoyed. What’s more, these events are not bound by time or setting, meaning that if you wanted to see classic batter Babe Ruth take on modern pitcher Clayton Kershaw, (or even play as 19th-century pitcher Cy Young) then it’s possible. All of your fantasy baseball games can become a reality through a massively multiplayer game’s dedicated server.

Fantasy sports are available for casual fans and hardcore gamers alike, 24/7 and 365 days a year. An online game like Diamond Mind Live has no off-season and as a result, you don’t have to wait for the pandemic to pass in order to enjoy the game! They’re also a good example of just how useful it is to have reliable host providers offering a dedicated server for multiplayer games or those that can be played solo. With a cheap server, bigger games struggle to maintain such high amounts of data running through their systems. Having a dedicated server with good customer support for times where downtime is unavoidable is a must for online gaming.

From playing to hosting.

Game server hosting is a growing industry, especially in light of the global pandemic. An online massive multiplayer game (MMO) such as Minecraft relies on having a dedicated server to ensure that all players are receiving and sending information, such as visuals and chat interactions, in real-time. This is what is known as streaming — when information is being downloaded constantly without being saved to the gamers’ system. A good dedicated server relies on having superb bandwidth to ensure that the streaming is uninterrupted and that everyone receives the same information at the same time. Slower responses to gameplay, or dragging visuals leading to players being behind on the action is known as lag.

Even the best game server hosting platforms have downtime in order to re-configure, update, upgrade or repair any potential problems. However, they stand apart by reducing this inconvenience to a minimum. Since MMOs have players from all over the world, there are no set peak times for gamers to join. Should you be moving into the world of hosting, then it is paramount to remember that your game server must also be available as much as possible, at fast speeds as well as with as few interruptions as possible.

Other things to consider.

Strong internet access is not the only useful resource that you’ll need since the amount of electricity that gaming consumes is huge. When going into the business of server hosting, you have to ensure that this other utility is also uninterrupted. You might have to spend a little more on electricity, but rather than looking for the best price, get the provider offering the best customer service so that your servers will offer the best possible performance.

The number of video gamers worldwide is growing at a steady, and promising, rate for those who are looking to break into the business. The timing couldn’t be any better either, as more measures to keep people safe from Covid are discussed, many people are turning online to find distractions. With a good service, they could turn to you for your servers instead.