Lying for Likes

Bradley Wint
Apr 18, 2016 11:38pm AST

Whether it be ‘likes’, ‘hearts’ or ‘favorites’, social media has driven many of us to the point of fabricating some part of our lives to be just a bit more interesting when it comes to posting on social media.

Whether it be throwing out the hook of sympathy, or choosing the right angle to make your photo look a bit more appealing, many people tend to lie in order to outrank each others’ popularity on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Let’s face it, when we see our friends living in up in Dubai or St. Maarten, we sometimes feel like we may not be living our lives to the fullest. Unfortunately for many, rather than trying to actually work towards visiting an exotic destination, getting into that dream relationship or buying a sports car, most people fabricate some portion of their lives for presentation on social media.

“Date night!” Oh really? Or have you just poured yourself two glasses of wine and snapped a photo for Instagram?

“Fun day at the beach!” Oh no, wait, that’s the palm tree from your neighbor’s back yard.

Kerith Lemon has perfectly put together a short filmed called A Social Life which give us a look at how a young woman manipulates social media to make her life seem way more interesting than it really is.

A Social Life is a short film about a career driven woman named Meredith who’s living the life she’s always dreamed of… online. Meredith strives to live a balanced life: staying fit, working hard and connecting with her friends; she is creating her “image” within her broader social media friend base. But she awakes one day and realizes that her reflection is merely the collection of photos that she has shared with others. Is this her life? Or just a carefully curated brand?

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