Horizon Zero Dawn receives “New Game+” and more in new patch

Jul 8, 2017 11:46am AST
Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.30
Photo: PlayStation.Blog/Flickr

Horizon Zero Dawn received patch 1.30 today which adds some significant pieces of content to the already action-packed game.

The new patch will include a “New Game+” mode that will allow player to carry over their progression and item inventory to a new game. Previously when finishing the game, the player’s only option was to re-load their save right before the final moments.

When starting “New Game+” players will be able to choose a new “Ultra Hard” difficulty. This new difficulty limits health regeneration and makes the machines smarter and more aware. If you intend the try this out, be aware that once the game has been started on this difficulty you cannot change it during the game.

Other content available with patch 1.30 is trophies, cosmetic changes, and weapon/armor upgrades. There will be 2 trophies added into the game, but it is not said what you will need to do to get them. You will be able to customize face paint on Aloy as well as change the design of her Focus. Lastly, another tier of weapons and armor will be available and will contain one extra modification spot.

At E3, Guerilla Games showed off a trailer for the first bit of story DLC headed to Horizon Zero Dawn titled “The Frozen Wilds.” Patch 1.30 is a nice bit of content to keep fans playing while they eagerly await it’s release sometime later this year.

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