This iPhone 8 render may be the real deal

Bradley Wint
May 16, 2017 8:59pm AST
Photo: Engadget

As more and more reliable sources pitch in their renditions of the iPhone 8, it seems we may very well be looking at the final design.

Engadget was able to get their hands on a new set of renders from a “highly detailed CAD file” that is expected to be the final version used for building the phone’s chassis.

Like previous renders, the vertically oriented camera bump seems to be a thing, with dual camera lenses, a microphone, and flash being integrated into the module.

The back will be covered entirely in glass, with alleged wireless integration near the lower half of the phone.

As for the front, it’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like they display will be end-to-end like on the Samsung S8, and will feature a flush Touch ID button. There most likely may be a front-facing dual camera setup as well, which should make for some interesting selfies.

Both iPhones have a much slimmer, taller profile, with the base model screen size going up to 5 inches. The 8 Plus is expected to be bumped up to 5.8 inches.

Here are the renders as promised. Tell us in the comments below if you’d buy the iPhone 8 if it looks like this.

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