Airbus to test flying car prototype by the end of this year

Bradley Wint
Jan 18, 2017 1:15am AST
Photo: Harry Potter

Flying cars from The Fifth Element may soon be a thing as Airbus is pushing towards testing a flying car concept by the end of this year.

When you hear the name Airbus, you usually think about the aircraft manufacturer that produces commercial jets used by many major airlines globally.

However, their parent company Airbus Group recently formed a new division called “Urban Air Mobility” responsible for research and development of individual and group-styled autonomous air transport vehicles. Their goal is to develop a network of these vehicles that can then be booked like how riders book cars via the Uber or Lyft app.

Tom Enders, the CEO of Airbus Group, announced that they are now working on a flying individual transport unit, and hope to demonstrate it before the end of 2017.

As of now, there are no details about how the car concept will be propelled.

He also mentioned that the unit has to be environmentally friendly to avoid putting further strain on the pollution problem we already face.

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He expects that flying cars can help alleviate major issues like traffic congestion, and could save billions of dollars currently being poured into the development of traditional road networks.

With the rapid development of autonomous cars and trucks, the concept of a flying car network doesn’t seem unrealistic in the next 10-20 years. Hopefully we get cars that don’t look as ugly as these though.

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