Tired of drones buzzing about? This gun can take them down from 2km away

Bradley Wint
Nov 28, 2016 11:39pm AST
Photo: DroneShield

If you’re sick and tired of hearing drones buzzing about the place, or just want to prepare for the dronepocaplyse, the Dronegun by DroneShield may be the right solution for you *ends infomercial voice*

Drones really aren’t all that bad as they are being used to deliver packages, create wonderful aerial cinematography, and even help with Pokemon Go hunting (not like anyone plays that game anyway).

Unfortunately, not everyone uses drones in a responsible manner. For instance, ISIS members in Iraq use drones to drop explosive arsenal in war-torn regions, and other people carelessly fly their UAVs into airplanes.

To counter issues like this, DroneShield has developed a rifle-styled Dronegun which can be used to take control of nearby drones just by simply pointing at them.

The gun can take down UAVs operating on bands between 2.4-5.8GHz as far out as 2km (1.24 miles) away, allowing users to guide them into safe areas for further examination or detonation depending on how much of a threat the drone poses.

It can also instantly kill the video feed being relayed back to the operator, making it difficult for the pilot to figure out who ‘shot’ down their drone.

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Unfortunately the product isn’t vetted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just yet, which means it cannot be sold anywhere within the United States until approval is given, but if you live elsewhere, happy shooting!

Here’s a video of the drone killer in action.

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