Google’s Pixel phone looks like an iPhone 5S

Bradley Wint
Oct 3, 2016 1:40am AST
Photo: Bell Canada/9to5Google

It’s a horrible day for the folks at Google as multiple mobile online stores were premature in launching Google Pixel and Pixel XL product pages, well before the October 4th launch date.

From the number of leaks, it’s safe to say the Google’s Pixel design really isn’t going to be anything innovative, and if anything, it has a very iPhone-esque design.

The first leak comes from the Bell Canada’s website (which has since been taken down) revealing a render of the Google Pixel, along with ordering details and text clearly promoting the Google-affiliated brand.


The phone appears to be coming in two flavors, and I think I will pick up the white this time to replace my aging Nexus 5.


The second major leak comes from UK-based retailer, Carphone Warehouse. Their product page provided more renders of the front and back, along with additional features like fast-charging and customized cases.

google-pixel-cw-01 google-pixel-cw-02 google-pixel-cw-03 google-pixel-cw-04 google-pixel-cw-05 google-pixel-cw-06 google-pixel-cw-07 google-pixel-cw-08 google-pixel-cw-09
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