Watch as this ship crashes into San Diego dock

Bradley Wint
Apr 4, 2016 12:37am AST

*Cue the Speed 2 final scene*. It’s not everyday we see ships sailing out of control as in the video below.

The Adventure Hornblower, a small cruise ship, crashed into the seawall of the San Diego harbour last week Thursday while trying to dock after the captain had issues bringing it to a halt.

Many onlookers were unaware of the danger they were in as one person shouted, “park it anywhere! I wouldn’t stand in front of that guy!”

As the ships continued on its collision course, people soon realized the ship was unable to stop and would have collided with the seawall. Just as the small crowd started scrambling away, the ship’s captain blew its horn 5 times to signal imminent danger, before colliding into the wall.

One eye-witness heard the captain shouting that they were unable to get the ship out of gear.

Oddly enough, the Adventure Hornblower was involved in two incidents back in 2014, each involving sudden loss of control of its engines due to glitches with the engine management system.

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[via: ABC 10 News]

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