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Would you eat lab grown meat? “Clean meat” coming to our dinner tables by 2021

Bradley Wint
By - Founder/Executive Editor
Jan 21, 2018 3:19am AST
Photo: PxHere
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Slaughtering animals may be a thing of the past as a Silicon Valley based company is aiming to produce lab grown meat on a commercial scale.

Even as doctors, dietitians, and activists push for meat-free diets, Americans are still consuming more and more meat year over year.

However, if lab grown meats does become a thing, some of us who are willing to try it may be able to sleep at night with a little more peace of mind knowing that an animal did not have to be killed for their flesh.

Memphis Meats plans to bring an end to slaughtering by growing its own meat in bioreactor chambers. The process works by combing self-producing cells from animals with oxygen, sugar and other nutrients.

According to them, they have already produced beef, chicken and duck, without the need to slaughter any animals. However, the product will not be available to the general market until 2021.

Uma Valeti, the company’s managing director, co-founder and the CEO, said, “We are going to bring meat to the plate in a more sustainable, affordable and delicious way”.

The company is being backed by several big names including Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Jack Welch, and Cargill. The group is being managed by DFJ Venture Capital Group.

Memphis Meats faces competition from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. These two competitors take a different approach by using plant-based materials to create products that taste, smell, and even ‘bleed’ like real meat.

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