Gamescom 2017: ReCore Definitive Edition Unveiled for Game Pass

Rami Tabari
Aug 20, 2017 9:12pm AST
Photo: Xbox

During the Gamecom Xbox live-stream, Microsoft revealed a new trailer for ReCore: Definitive Edition. They also announced its arrival to the Xbox Game Pass starting when the game launches on August 29.

The definitive edition will add in extra content: a new adventure called “Eye of Obsidian,” the fifth Corebot frame T8-NK, “Tank,” as well as HDR support. The new Corebot was actually featured as cover art for the original game, but wasn’t made available until now.

Among the new features, one highlight is that T8-NK has the ability to drive over quicksand. Along with that comes new weapon upgrades for Joule and new gear for all her Corebots.

The new story will also introduce a deadly antagonist, “Obsidian Cult,” and a mysterious ally known as “AOK.”

The best part is that this expansion will be free to owners of the original game. As a bonus, if you own an Xbox One X you will receive graphical update for free as well.

If you don’t already own the original game, or have a Game Pass subscription, the retail price for ReCore: Definitive Edition is $19.99.

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For more details, check out the new trailer below:

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