Top 7 daily YouTube Vloggers of 2017

Photo: Casey Neistat

Daily vlogging has become quite a popular trend on YouTube, mainly because of the potential to make thousands of dollars, or even millions for the lucky few. Oddly enough, after the “YouTube Ad-pocalypse”, most channels that were severely impacted by the sudden decline in revenue are now turning to the idea of vlogging as a “safer” alternative to making money.

Heck, even h3h3Productions is turning to vlogging as a way of avoiding a sudden death.

I’m going to break down the top 7 daily vloggers by views gained so far for the year (not counting May just yet) and give a conservative estimate on how much they may have made. Top YouTubers earn somewhere like US $5-8 per 1000 views, but with the whole advertiser pull-out, I’m going to use an extremely conservative figure of $1 per 1000 views to estimate their earnings for this year so far.

These estimates do not include other endorsement deals, projects, or jobs outside of YouTube.

Before you blow me up in the comments section, some popular names like PewDiePie, JennaMarbles, and others are not included because they are not daily vloggers. Their channels are usually geared to a specific topic or genre such as video games or make up tutorials.

If you ever wanted to try vlogging yourself, check out our camera guide here!

Now let’s get into it from the smallest to biggest.

7) Tanner Braungardt

At just 16 years old, Tanner Braungardt is best known for his free running and trampoline videos. He also did a few water bottle flip trick videos with trampolines back in 2016 when he had a mere 40,000 subscribers. Thanks to some of those viral vids, his channel subscription count has since skyrocketed to 2.6 million, and based on his performance for the year so far (over 203 million views), he would have made a little over US $200,000 so far going by a $1 CPM.

For someone who hasn’t seen 18 just yet, that’s really impressive.

6) Tanner Fox

Before vlogging, Tanner Fox’s claim to fame was being a pro stunt scooter rider. At just 17 years old, Tanner has done well for himself, transforming his channel from just stunts and tricks into a daily vlog, amassing over 4.8 million subscribers in total, and over 223 million views this year. Based on his performance this year so far, he would have earned about US $225,000+ based on a CPM of $1.

5) Mo Vlogs

Mohamed Beiraghdary is a 22-year-old blogger hailing from the United Arab Emirates. He started his daily vlogging in December 2014, and between then and now, he amassed over 3.4 million followers, with most of his videos getting around 1 million views each. Some of you may know him because he is Lana Rose’s sister. She’s best known for her paintings, make-up tutorials, and her Lamborghini Huracán.

For the first four months of this year, based on a $1 CPM, he would have made just short of US $250,000. If his channel continues as is, he should be end up with an easy US quarter million by the end of the year. Let’s not forget that he also gets sponsored by many brands to subtly promote their products.

4) Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat, is a 32-year-old vlogger, but he’s so much more than that. He’s done film making, public speaking, advertising, and was even the head of Beme, a social based video sharing website.

Casey’s vlogs have been an inspiration for many because of his unique editing style and use of technology. Couple that with an authoritative but humble personality, and you get a formula that many try to replicate.

He has over 7.2 million subscribers on his daily vlogging channel, but many may have known about his decision to stop vlogging in November 2016. His view counts would have obviously dropped after a while, but at the end of March, he was back at it again. Even after a four month hiatus, he still saw quite a bit of traffic, and once people realized he was back, the views just started pouring in again.

Based on this year’s performance so far, he would have made just close to US $260,000 in AdSense revenue on his channel alone. I can imagine how much it’s going to be now that he’s an active vlogger again.

Casey is worth a lot more than this though, and even with many of his videos being demonetized by choice, he has a healthy source of income coming in from other projects. Don’t forget the recent sale of Beme to CNN as well.

3 and 2 ) Logan Paul Vlogs and Jake Paul

I’ll lump these two together. Brothers, Logan and Jake Paul both made it to the spotlight through the popular 6-second Vine app. Vine’s failure to keep up with its competitors did not stop these two from moving on to bigger things. Taking over Instagram and Facebook, they both eventually made their way to film and television industry.

Jake is best known for his role as Dirk on Disney’s Bizaardvark, while Logan was featured on an episode of Law & Order: SVU, Bizaardvark, and Stitchers. Besides their professional film work, they maintain active vlogging channels, each with a sizeable following.

Jake’s channel as 5.3 million subscribers, pulling in 477 million views from January to the end of April, which means he would have made a potential revenue of US $477,000 based on our conservative estimate.

Logan has a smaller following of close to 4.7 million followers, and a smaller potential revenue stream of $321,500 for the first third of this year. Still not bad obviously, as they’d both be in the millions by the end of the year.

1) RomanAtwoodVlogs

Previously known for his over-the-top pranks, Roman Atwood transformed his YouTube career by launching the Smile More brand, which focuses on his personal and family life, and spreading a positive message to everyone. Even though some of his videos on his prank channel received as much as 87 million views, his vlogging channel has taken front and center stage, with over 12.2 million people following him.

With two children, and a third on the way, it’s hard to not see why Roman has shifted his career path to match his current situation. Even though no official announcement was made as to whether he would do pranks again, his last video was uploaded in April 2016, which says a lot.

Statistically, Roman is the most successful YouTube vlogger this year, amassing over 568 million views just this year so far, even though his channel appears to be slowly plateauing off for the last 9 months or so. It’s hard to say whether new vloggers are stealing some of his fame or if his content is just not that interesting anymore, but he’s still by far doing really well.

Assuming his videos were making $1 per CPM, he would have already made close to US $570,000 for the year so far. That’s massive.

We hope you enjoyed this list, and maybe inspired some of you to give vlogging a try!

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