We’re 2 years away from napping in self-driving cars, says Elon Musk

Bradley Wint
May 1, 2017 8:34pm AST
Photo: Maurizio Pesce/Wikipedia

Elon Musk wants to transform the Los Angeles traffic network by developing a series of tunnels that can be used to drastically alleviate the traffic congestion around the city.

Being spearheaded via the Boring Company, the potential network of underground tunnels will allow for cars to drive on platforms with wheels located across the city. These platforms would then sink into the ground and join an integrated and seamless network consisting of other platforms speeding around at as much as 200 km/h or about 124 mph.

This means you could potentially get from one in of the city to the other in mere minutes.

He also was asked about the future of self-driving cars, in which he pointed out that in as little as two years, people could jump in their vehicles, give it directions, and even go as far as taking a nap until they reach their destination.

Of course this vision would end up being launched on a somewhat limited scale, but Elon has never let any of today’s restrictions prevent him from developing new innovations in the auto, environmental, and space departments.

If he gets his way with digging underground tunnels, it could work well with his plans to develop a fully neural network of self-driving vehicles, interacting with one another at both the surface and underground levels.

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Elon was recently interviewed by Chris Anderson on TED, where he described his future plans. You can view the entire interview here.

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