Comcast ranks as America’s most hated company

Bradley Wint
Jan 15, 2017 9:49pm AST
Photo: Comcast

Comcast just can’t seem to get it right as they once again bottom out across various customer satisfaction metrics.

24/7 Wall St. put together a list of the most hated companies in America, using results from data collection agencies like Glassdoor, J.D. Power and Associates, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), along with their own in house data acquired in partnership with Zogby Analytics.

According to their customer satisfaction surveys, at least 55% of clients reported bad experiences with the cable provider.

They also scored bottom of the barrel in cost to consumer, performance, billing, and reliability.

This comes as no surprise given the number of scandals Comcast has been accused of, including throttling and capping internet speeds, charging customers for services they did not sign up for, and sometimes making it incredibly difficult to cancel their service.

Being in the internet/cable industry can be very challenging as DISH Network also got slammed to the wall with 47% of respondents reporting a generally bad experience with the company. Employee satisfaction seems to be down in the dumps as well as only 38% of staff at DISH would recommend a friend to work there.

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Customer satisfaction is obviously a very important statistic. Just look at what happened when TWC and Charter Communications merged. Instead of carrying on the Time Warner name, they decided to rebrand their product as Charter Spectrum.

That’s why no one in their right mind would dare to name their company “Enron”.

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