Community Guidelines

When this site was launched, there was always the great debate as to whether there should or should not be a comments section. Given its tarnished image thanks to trolls and spammers, it has been seen as a place that harbors negativity and hatred. We’ve decided to the give the comments section a 2nd chance, but instead of just letting the comments run free like what happens on a viral YouTube video post, we are going to moderate comments based on these simple guidelines.

Commentators found in violation of the above rules may be penalized by having their comments removed or being banned permanently. It should also be noted that threads close automatically after 30 days as to keep irrelevant discussions from popping up years later.

Maintaining a healthy comments section is an ongoing process of nipping and pruning. We do it to bring about beneficial discussions and in no way do we do it to prevent any one party from getting their voice heard. Be respectful, mature, and comment with quality in mind.