Navigating High School for LGBTQ+ Teens

a person holding a flag

High School can be a difficult time for so many people. There’s so much pressure to get good grades, have the perfect extracurricular presence, and create a blossoming social image. It’s hard for anyone who is navigating these waters. This is a time when you don’t want to stand out or make too many waves […]

Your Guide for Moving to Georgia

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Georgia is one of the original Thirteen Colonies that ultimately joined to form the United States. Known as the Peach State, Georgia is a southern state. Located directly north of Florida, Georgia shares its western border with Alabama, and its eastern borders sit shoulder to shoulder with South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean. Georgia has […]

4 Things to Consider As You Age

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There are plenty of cons to getting older. Aside from health concerns, people become more aware of issues like tax rate, the value of your home, having enough money to retire, what constitutes a better quality of life, and even dealing with your own mortality. However, as you and your spouse age, it’s not all […]

Moving for Minimalists

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Moving can be one big hassle. But for minimalists, it’s not so bad. One of the perks of owning less is that when it comes to moving day, you’re already boxes and boxes ahead of the average mover. Minimalism could even mean saving expenses on large vans and rentals. It can mean more time for […]

4 Ways to Make This Christmas Unforgettable

a group of people standing around a christmas tree

The holidays are meant for giving. You can have an unforgettable Christmas this year by giving hope, joy, and cheer to your loved ones, family, and community. After a hard year, people are looking for connection and a sense of community. Feeling isolated because of the pandemic and social distancing and gathering guidelines, many people […]

How to Make Your Jewelry Sparkle for the Holidays

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Everyone enjoys sporting a nice piece of jewelry, especially around the holidays. Who doesn’t want to drown themselves in diamonds, to really get into the holiday spirit and become their own winter wonderland? Holiday parties, work events, and fancy dinners are right around the corner and are more than enough reason to get all decked […]

Alternative Education Options for Busy Families

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Free education is a human right according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26. This means is that education, at least for younger children, should be provided as a free service by default. It doesn’t mean you can’t pay for private education, just that if you do not have the means to afford it, […]

8 Reasons Why JNCO Jeans Need to Stay Gone Forever

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From high rise jeans to jeggings (denim leggings), denim is still a huge part of the everyday wardrobe for people all over the world. A little more than two decades ago, some of us were trying to get our parents to buy us a $100 pair of arguably the worst style of jeans to date. […]

Cancer Diagnosis: 5 Tips for Coping

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Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a difficult process. Upon hearing the news, you are flooded with concern over your health and livelihood. Over time, additional concerns such as your life goals and financial prospects become entangled in your daily thoughts. Learning how to cope with your diagnosis, in addition to addressing these anxieties, is a […]

5 Ways to Care for Your Mental Health

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Everyone has mental health challenges. Perhaps you failed a test or didn’t make the basketball team. These may sound like normal experiences most people go through, but discouragement can negatively impact a person’s thoughts and produce the same symptoms people with depression suffer from. There are also 57.8 million American adults living with mental illness. The majority have mild […]