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Your Guide for Moving to Georgia

Georgia is one of the original Thirteen Colonies that ultimately joined to form the United States. Known as the Peach State, Georgia is a southern state. Located directly north of Florida, Georgia shares its western border with Alabama, and its eastern borders sit shoulder to shoulder with South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean. Georgia has a warm climate and a thriving film industry. It’s known as a hub for national and international businesses alike.

Georgia’s strong economy attracts new residents. Whether you’re moving to start your own business or have a job lined up at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), moving to a new state can be both exciting and stressful. Using these tips will help simplify the process when you move to Georgia.

Learn about the state.

Take time to read about Georgia. Tourist sites will identify popular destinations and state features. You may find it easy to decide where to live if you already have a job waiting for you, but if you’re planning to retire to the state of Georgia or start a new business, learning about the state will help you identify cities that appeal to you. You may be drawn to the Blue Ridge Mountains or have your heart set on living near the ocean. If you plan to start a tourist business, you’ll benefit from identifying the major tourist destinations to ensure you have a strong market for your business.

Decide if you want to build or buy a home.

Contact a real estate agent who can help you find a place to live. You may opt to rent a property until you’re familiar with the local area, or you may decide you want to buy. Your real estate agent can outline the benefits of buying a newer or older home and help you find a suitable property. If you’re unable to find a suitable home to purchase, you can also opt to work with a builder and construct a new home.

Identify your household needs.

Your real estate agent can provide critical information, such as whether tap water is safe to drink or whether it contains fluoride. They can also provide information about local bottled water suppliers if you’re buying an older home with lead pipes. It’s also essential to pay for an inspection to ensure you’re familiar with any potential issues with the house you buy. This will provide peace of mind since you’ll be aware of any significant systems in disrepair before you move in.

Investing in a home warranty is an excellent way to protect yourself from incurring expensive repair bills. If you buy an older home and the plumbing system backs up, a comprehensive home warranty will cover the cost of repairs. Google “home warranty in Georgia” to find a reputable home warranty company. AFC Home Club offers a range of plans that include home appliances and major home systems. A comprehensive warranty will cover replacement costs for your refrigerator, washer, dryer, water heater, and oven. Major systems covered by most plans include your electrical, plumbing, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Use professional moving services.


Hire movers who are familiar with the region to transport your property to your new home. You may also opt to rent a storage unit and put your belongings in storage if you’re working with a builder to construct a new home or need time to renovate your house before you move in. Professional moving services will reduce your stress levels and simplify the moving process.

Get involved in your community.


Visit local shops and restaurants and familiarize yourself with your new community. You may want to join a church or a sports league. You can also check out local social groups. Meeting new people and making friends will help you feel at home in your new state.

Moving to a new state can be exciting and overwhelming. Learning about Georgia will help you decide where you want to live, and a real estate agent or builder can help you find a new home. Using professional movers and obtaining a home warranty will reduce your moving stress, and getting involved in your local community will help you feel at home in Georgia.