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What Does an Expert Real Estate Investor Look For in a Home?

Investing in real estate is a great way to boost your portfolio’s value quickly. The real estate market can be used in several exciting ways, and many people utilize this space to develop greater cash flow depth. Property investment can act as a massive hedge against stock market volatility. With the addition of rental property (or a home that you intend to flip for profit), it is easy to build a diverse and rapidly growing portfolio of assets.

When approaching the market, though, you should be looking for a number of things. With this guide, you can ensure that each new property that you bring into your portfolio matches up with the best practices of the industry’s experts.

Expert real estate investors want a great location for their property.


Expert investors in this space like David Lindahl are constantly on the lookout for properties in great locations. The physical space that any investment property occupies can tell you a lot about how potentially lucrative the opportunity might be. For investors like David Lindahl, who specializes in commercial property and multifamily units, location is a driving factor behind footfall and, therefore, prospective renter interest more broadly. David Lindahl has made his fortune in the real estate market and now operates several seminars and boot camps every year. He is also an author, and his podcasts and audiobooks can be found in a variety of digital media locations.

David Lindahl and others know the importance of location. Bringing location data into your property search offers a powerful means of identifying and moving on great investment opportunities in the market (whether you are searching for commercial properties, multifamily options, or single-family homes).

Renovation opportunities are a core feature of great real estate investment opportunities.


From your first deal to your next deal, finding properties that offer a great footprint for new renovation opportunities is a must for anyone investing in the real estate market. In the United States, many people have turned to flipping houses to earn additional capital to supplement their cash flow or strictly as a retirement savings strategy. The pressure is growing in this segment of the market, but investors are still making significant gains here. Whether you are looking into the market to generate flipping profits or new cash flow additions in the form of rental income, a home that can be renovated into a modern property at a great rate is the perfect addition to any portfolio.

Utilizing a roofing company in The Villages is a must for any home with a repair or replacement needs in this department. A new roof is a considerable value addition to a property that is going to be leveraged for new profits. Buying a home in foreclosure is a common practice here, and yet these types of homes are often severely lacking in the routine maintenance tasks that can create longevity in essential systems like the plumbing, roofing, and air conditioning installations. Buying a home that needs a new roof can provide you with a significant discount on the sale price, but hiring a roofer to fix this problem before selling or renting out the property is a must.

For many investors, these types of deficiencies offer a great trade. Buying a home for a steeper discount than the repairs will cost can add value on both the buying component on the front end and the dividend earning opportunity on the back.

Focus on these aspects of the real estate market, and you will always maintain a great investment strategy that will pay long-running dividends into the future.