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A Guide to Content Marketing for Real Estate

Regardless of the area of real estate you go into, you will need to master the art of marketing. If you are buying and selling properties, you will need to market yourself to both buyers and sellers and market the houses for sale that you are representing. If you are flipping houses, you will need to market the houses you renovated for a quick sale. If you own rental properties, you will need to market the available units for rent so you can stay at full capacity and turn a profit.

Marketing is critical to being profitable in the real estate business. While there are still house ads in magazines and newspapers, most real estate marketing has moved to the digital platform. Most people do their house searches online, which means you need to master the art of content marketing.

Content marketing includes all written and visual content you publish online to market your services and the houses you have available for rent or sale. Here is a quick guide to content marketing for your real estate business.

Diversify your content.


Even if you are more comfortable writing than taking photos and creating videos, you must diversify your content. Different people will respond to different things, so you need to offer a little of everything to attract potential buyers. When it comes to marketing properties, visuals are critical, so photos and videos are an absolute necessity. However, clear and concise written descriptions are also essential to ensure you are answering any questions the buyer may have immediately.

David Lindahl has been a part of over 550 property deals, and his investment company oversees over $250 million in properties. Lindahl has mastered the art of marketing both himself and his properties to grow a real estate empire. There is no limit to the amount of income you can produce investing in property, and investing doesn’t have to take a lot of time or much money. Many investors start small and continue to reinvest their profits. Lindahl has become the nation’s leading expert on buying and selling single-family homes and multi-family properties and leveraging commercial properties.

Always go for quality over quantity.


It doesn’t help to have 30 photos of a property if all of the photos are terrible. It is critical to either learn to take great property photos highlighting the features that potential buyers want to see or hire someone who can. Likewise, you need to hire corporate videography services to get high-quality video walk-throughs of each property so that potential buyers can take a virtual tour of the home online. Offering video walk-throughs will attract more buyers and allow buyers to weed out the properties they don’t want to see, so you can focus on the properties they most want to see.

Keep your digital content updated.


One of the worst things you can do is have outdated information on your website. It will lead visitors to get frustrated and disappointed, and it sends the message that you are highly unprofessional. New content should be uploaded as frequently as possible but at least a few days a week, and outdated information should be updated or taken down as soon as possible. That means when a property goes under contract, you need to update the listing. When the property sells, you need to take it off the market so potential buyers don’t continue to contact you hoping to see the property. When listing properties available for rent, having a constantly updated list will increase your chances of getting available properties rented quickly.

While there may be some trial and error, your business will soar once you learn what marketing best practices work best for you and your customer base. Don’t be afraid to look at what other real estate professionals are doing regarding their marketing and ask questions if you aren’t sure.