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4 Interesting Automotive Career Paths

Career experts often advise people to choose career paths based on their specific interests for several good reasons ranging from personal fulfillment to being more productive. As such, a career in the automotive industry might be your best bet if you love hands-on work with technology and vehicles.

Jobs in this industry cut across many segments, meaning you can be involved in many activities ranging from maintenance to sales. However, many people with interests in the field find it challenging to narrow in on one specific career option. Luckily, we’re here to assist you with some helpful insights. Below are four exciting areas you could go into within the automotive industry.

1. Car Dealer or Salesperson


Becoming a car dealer might be your calling if you have a strong passion for the job and the necessary skills that guarantee success in the business. Car salesmen are masters of interacting with people and convincing them to make specific purchases. Therefore, if you have the gift of the gab and a strong passion for cars, consider dedicating your life to selling vehicles to prospective customers. You’ll be involved in negotiations, explaining warranties and financing options, payment collection, among others. You can get started with a high school diploma and get some specialized auto training on-the-job.

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2. Automotive Mechanic

If you prefer a more hands-on career in the automotive industry, becoming a mechanic is worth considering. Mechanics work on vehicles’ mechanical components. You’ll be primarily responsible for diagnosing and repairing cars and other internal combustion components like the engine, suspension, and transmission systems. You’ll also run diagnostics with smaller engines and parts, fixing them for roadworthiness. Various key players in the transportation industry will also flock to you to conduct regular servicing and maintenance to keep their vehicles in top shape.

Since transportation is evolving, it’s becoming increasingly essential for auto mechanics to update their expertise from competent educational institutions. This way, you can service the latest vehicles effectively and fill the need for skilled technicians in the ever-progressive transport industry. Therefore, many technicians are turning to helpful training courses like the Automotive and Diesel Technology program. This diesel technology program equips mechanics with skills to diagnose, repair, and adjust diesel engine performance, suspension, steering, brakes and conduct preventive maintenance inspection.

3. Auto Parts Dealer

Vehicles in the auto industry, whether forklifts or convertibles are made of auto parts that allow them to function effectively. Over time, it’s common for these parts to experience wear and tear, necessitating their replacement. Consequently, you could become a spare parts dealer, dealing in replacement parts for various vehicles. These businesses typically enjoy high demand because there’s never a shortage of customers seeking replacement parts for different vehicle components. You can even pick a particular niche within this business, like selling metal forks for lift truck fork replacement or tractor parts to appeal directly to a defined customer base.

4. Assembly Worker

Assembly workers in the auto industry are typically at the forefront of highly engaging, repetitive, and laborious tasks during the car manufacturing process. These workers function in auto factories, putting together buses, industrial trucks, and other automobiles at specific workstations along the car assembly line. To become an assembly worker, you’ll undoubtedly need to learn how to utilize various tools, including welding equipment, power tools, hand tools, and production fixtures. Entry into this field is relatively easy, as a high school diploma or GED is considered satisfactory. It’s a bonus to have formal training, but several assembly plants are more than willing to provide on-the-job training to workers ready to learn.

The automotive industry has many careers that people with the necessary passion and skills can try out. The above-listed points are four examples of jobs worth considering in this sector.