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Help! Where Do I Start When Moving House?

From finding the perfect house to organizing last-minute packing sprees, moving can certainly be a stressful process. Ideally, we’d get to relish the idea of a blank slate and a fresh start, whatever the motivations behind a move. But, in reality, this is rarely the case.

Still, you can take some time to ensure you don’t have to stress yourself out more than necessary while planning a move. More specifically, you can work from this starting point through a few essential to-dos to make sure everything is in order, and you can move from one space to another seamlessly.

Cover your basics.


If you’re starting to stress out about your move, chances are you’ve already found a new house. Great! However, it’s equally crucial that you’ve got your other first-step basics covered. For instance, do you know how to sell house in California? If not, the prospect of selling your current home (if applicable) can seem daunting. So, before diving into further steps of the moving process, take some time to research these basic steps and ensure you have a solid foundation for the elements of your move otherwise.

Figure out your budget.


When it comes to financing your move, your most significant expense is, of course, your new home. However, it’s not the only cost you incur along the way. For instance, are you looking to rent a moving truck or van to get your belongings from point A to point B? Will you be looking for a team of professional movers to handle the box truck and everything in it? Before putting more effort into the steps that lie ahead, figure out the approximate funding you have to work with and what options work within that budget.

For example, you might uncover the convenience of a peer-to-peer truck rental option like Fluid Truck. With a wide array of trucks and other vehicles, there‘s sure to be an option in a nearby location that will not only be perfect for your upcoming move but will allow you to handle its intricacies while staying within the bounds of your moving budget.

Declutter your excess belongings.


Need to cut back even further on your moving costs and the stress of your move? Cut back on any unnecessary items you would otherwise move. From Marie Kondo to Cassandra Aarssen, organizing and decluttering experts offer a wide range of methods and strategies to help you recognize what items you don’t need. Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit may decide to sell these decluttered items online or during a yard sale before your upcoming move, while others may choose to donate the excess. In either case, you’ll be cutting down on the unnecessary hassle of moving lots of small and large items you neither want nor need.

Meet up with local friends and family.


This is a critical step if you’re moving across the U.S. (or any other long-distance), but it’s not exclusive to these far-away moves. Before leaving your current space, take some time to visit with the friends and family you’ve grown accustomed to seeing regularly. If you’re moving from New York to Los Angeles or an equally massive distance, it may be a while before you spend time with them again. Even if you’re only moving out of the neighborhood, those regular visits may become less convenient and, as a result, few and far between. So, take advantage of the proximity while you can and show your appreciation for these nearby loved ones.

From selling your current house to comparing the costs of a cargo van versus a pickup truck for moving day, there’s a lot to do before your upcoming move. However, if you’re prepared for these steps from the start, you’ll be able to face down your move with minimal stress.