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Design Tips for Opening a Chic Garden Cafe

Do you enjoy visiting botanical gardens? Are cafes your second favorite place next to your garden? Do you want to start your own business? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe opening your own chic garden cafe may just be the thing for you.

Chic garden cafes are innovative as they combine the beauty of botany with the deliciousness of cafe pastries and dishes. Usually, they’ll serve all sorts of people, but if you want to choose your target audience, maybe young women in their 20s and 30s can be just your crowd. Whichever your audience ends up being, here are some basic design tips you can implement in your garden cafe.

Learn about botany.


One of the first things you can do is learn about the most important aspect of your cafe—your plants. Your plants will draw your customers into your cafe, so you could sign up for a botany, landscaping, or gardening course to learn more about which plants go better together and how they can create harmony in your chic cafe without disturbing your clients’ peace of mind.

Choose your style of decorative plants.

Moreover, you can choose the types of plants you’re going to use in your cafe. This can vary greatly depending on your venue—depending on whether if it’s indoors or outdoors. You can showcase anything from flowers to trees, fruits, vegetables, and exotic plants. You can choose to work with a landscape design in Denver so they can design the outdoor space of your cafe with fences, evergreen trees, garden design, vegetation, and other things.

A landscape design architect could even help with your interior design as well, your indoor irrigation system and drainage, planting plan, and patios. These professionals can also advise in which plants you can use for a sustainable landscape, which would look in a small space, pergolas, or the right options for the plants that will go around your tables and restaurant equipment.

Research common garden cafe layouts.


Furthermore, you can research common layouts for garden cafes. You can get different ideas for areas like your dining hall, kitchen, waiting area, bar, and even bathrooms. You want to incorporate your cafe’s theme everywhere including your new restaurant’s backyard so your customers can get the ultimate garden experience.

Choose a theme for your cafe.

Next, you want to choose an even more specific theme for your chic garden cafe. You could choose themes like butterflies, urban design, exotic jungle, edible plants, fairies, and even desserts. Each of these themes can be transformed to look chic enough for your garden cafe with ornaments, colors, and even fragrances.

Purchase your cafes supplies and equipment.


You’ll also need to purchase or rent your equipment, including your cash register or point of sale (POS) system, dining hall tables, and chairs, gardening tools to tend to your plants, equipment for your restrooms, and your kitchen supplies among other things. You can get commercial kitchen equipment finance for things like ice machines, refrigerators, commercial ovens, freezers, dishwashers, fryers, stove ranges, and more. Everything in your cafe should match your theme, and your kitchen is no exception. Give your cooks and staff the cafe experience as well by incorporating cute garden designs in the kitchen and the dinnerware they’ll be using to serve the food.

Hire employees that fit your cafe’s culture.

Next, you’re going to want to hire employees that fit your cafe s vibe. Additionally, your employees should at least have basic knowledge of plants or botany so they can properly care for them and talk with your clients about the plants as they wish. You want to have people that genuinely enjoy gardens and can even make the uniform related to your cafe’s theme.

These design tips will help you come up with your own garden cafe design ideas that best suit your vision.