Donald Trump makes it difficult to cancel recurring online donations

Bradley Wint
Aug 6, 2016 9:51pm AST
Photo: Michael Vadon/Flickr

It seems that Donald Trump really, really needs your donation money.

A few donators to his online campaign recently noticed that the website didn’t allow them an option to cancel recurring payments. The situation garnered a lot of attention after CNN Reporter Jeremy Diamond posted an email from one of his fans who gave money towards the campaign.

As it turns out, the Trump web team made the process of canceling recurring payments incredibly difficult. Here are the two scenarios that a donator could have encountered.

  • For those who registered for an account with a password – To cancel recurring payments, one would have to click a very tiny question mark icon to the top right hand corner of the added credit card. From there, you would click on ‘Manage’ and then cancel the recurring payment. Even then, the Trump website still doesn’t allow you to entirely remove your credit card. The only way to remove it is to replace it with a new card (a bogus one if necessary). It’s blatantly obvious that the question mark symbol is very small to make it difficult to find. Thanks Mic.
  • For those who donated as guests – Canceling the recurring payment cannot be done via your account manager, so an email would have to be sent to their team to manually cancel it on their end. It seems this option is pretty pointless though, which means that the best course of action would be contacting your credit card company to block future payments going towards the Trump campaign.

If you’re one of those who went with the second option, you may be thinking that what Trump is doing is borderline fraudulent, but as the party only accepts a maximum donation of $2,700 from each person for the entire campaign, they basically fly right under the radar for investigation

Smart, right?

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