Here’s how to get Windows 10 free if you missed the July 29th deadline

Bradley Wint
Aug 1, 2016 2:10am AST
Photo: Unknown

As you may or may not know, Microsoft offered free Windows 10 upgrades to all customers running Windows 7 or 8, with July 29, 2016 being the cut off date. Anyone wishing to upgrade to Win 10 after that would be required to pay the $119 for the Home edition or $199 for the Professional equivalent.

If for whatever reason you’ve missed the free upgrade deadline, here are two simple ways of getting around that.

Reversing the date

As noted on WinBeta, users eligible for the upgrade currently get a “Sorry, the free offer has ended” error.

Apparently a simple date change is enough to trick the updater into reactivating the upgrade offer. For those interested, set the date on your machine back to July 28, 2016. The offer should re-appear, allowing you to upgrade for free.

Using Microsoft Assistive Technologies

Microsoft recently launched a website geared towards those who use accessibility features, giving them the option of upgrading to Windows 10 after July 29th.


Oddly enough, the feature does not validate whether or not the PC due for upgrade has assistive technologies enabled. Users simply have to agree to the option by clicking the “Upgrade Now” button. Once that’s done, download the executable and start the upgrade.

Thanks Ghacks.

Upgrade now while you can

It seems that Microsoft hasn’t put a hard and fast cut off time for upgrades just yet, but it’s unclear as to how long these two methods will work. I definitely advise users to take advantage of the option now before they’re completely phased out.

If you’re still insistent on using Windows 7 or 8, at least you’ll be happy to know that MS won’t be pestering you to upgrade anymore (assuming your system is up-to-date). Microsoft issued a new patch on July 29th, disabling all marketing campaigns to get users to switch to their latest version of Windows.

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