Sorry to disappoint, but Mario Kart Go! is fake

Bradley Wint
Jul 17, 2016 10:59pm AST
Photo: NewsThump

Pokémon GO has been by far one of the most popular mobile video games to date, causing a number of interesting events including stampedes in New York, a girl getting knocked down by a car, and someone finding a corpse in a San Diego park.

At first it was all fun and games, but I’m tired of seeing my news feed talking about Pokémon GO all day and all night long.

To ride on that success, satirical site NewsThump (a parody of the old BBC website) published an article about the release of Mario Kart Go!, a satellite navigation based game similar to Pokémon GO.

According to the joke article, the game uses augmented reality to bring up gold stars, mushrooms, and coins to drivers’ dashes in tandem with satnav systems.

The exciting augmented reality game will allow drivers to liven up long journeys by swerving wildly across the road to pick up powerups which may then be ‘fired’ at other road users.

From the lovely photoshopped image above, the parody video game would allow you to drive on the opposite side of the road to pick up higher value prizes.

For those who may not know by now, citizens in the UK drive on the left hand side of the road, so speeding down the right side may not be the best idea all in the fun of picking up a row of coins or a mushroom.

Programmers admit that picking up a Gold Star on your Satnav will not make you impervious to death ‘in real life’, but insist the game is purely for fun and should not be allowed to affect your driving.

Insurance companies have already said that playing Mario Kart Go! invalidates all existing policies.

Unfortunately at the height of the information age, there are people still stupid enough to not use their common sense when walking around or driving, in their quest to find new Pokémon. It has gotten so ridiculous that police and other government agencies have to remind people about the basics of staying safe.

As a result, many people actually fell for this satirical blog’s story, with it being shared on Facebook and Twitter thousands of times. The post even made a guest appearance on Reddit’s /r/gaming subreddit oddly enough. Of course people started catching on, but there were a good few who actually believed it.

I think it’s safe to say that a Mario Kart equivalent would be a really, really bad idea if it ever came to light. Thankfully that’s not the case…for now.

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