Watch this building being demolished with zero noise and dust

Bradley Wint
Jul 4, 2016 12:39am AST
Photo: RTR Japan/YouTube

Demolishing old skyscraper buildings can be quite an inconvenience for neighboring people as a result of the noise and dust pollution.

Even with the best explosive techniques, the process is still very bothersome, but a new deconstruction technique may be the key to eliminating this problem.

In the below video, the new technique involves building an encasing supporting structure around the top floor. The structure is then latched on to the building while each floor is then deconstructed on the inside with drills, jack hammers, saws, and other lighter equipment.

As each floor is removed, the structure slides down to the next where the process begins once again.

Even though the process can take many months, noise levels remain anywhere from 17-23 decibels (quieter than the city’s ambient noise) and dust pollution is avoided all together. On top of that, more material can be salvaged for recycling as many structures can be dismantled in ‘whole’ pieces.

The technique may not be employed everywhere, but it definitely does seem worthwhile for demolition projects in densely populated cities.

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