Check out this Cyclops inspired helmet flamethrower

Bradley Wint
Jun 27, 2016 10:44pm AST
Photo: Sufficiently Advanced/YouTube

If you’ve always wanted to shoot flames from your eye gear like Cyclops, then maybe you should just enjoy this video for now until something ‘safer’ comes along.

YouTuber, Sufficiently Advanced, put together a Cyclops inspired helmet flamethrower called the Cyclops Visor capable of shooting a line of flames as far as 10 feet away. Consisting of a helmet, fuel spray nozzles, a fuel tank, and a pilot light, the helmet shoots and ignites a fuel mixture combining 40% acetone and 60% methanol.

While the entire fuel stream does not stay lit when sprayed, it’s definitely not advised to be in front of this flamethrower as you can see the spray on the ground re-igniting.

It’s definitely a cool experiment, but comes with its obvious risks because of the close proximity of those shooting flames to your face. Any leak in the line could be pretty disastrous as well, leading to a potential explosion considering that the fuel tank is stored in the helmet.

Also, it’s not a good idea to show up with one of these at your local Halloween party.

With that in mind, let’s enjoy.

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