Here’s how car companies can save millions on advertising

Bradley Wint
Jul 7, 2016 10:31pm AST
Photo: The Mill

One of the biggest hurdles car companies face is pushing out a new car and getting it ready in time for a video shoot. Given the long timeline to shoot and edit auto advertisements, it’s sometimes impossible to push out a new models to meet the early production schedule.

Even with available cars, the cost to re-shoot segments can run into the millions just for a model revision, along with other expenses such as potential crashes, locations, and other set up expenses.

In more traditional circumstances, companies would re-skin dummy cars when advertising newer models. However, the biggest issue comes about when trying to simulate physical driving performance. For instance, petrol-based vehicles simply cannot replicate the acceleration of an electric sports car such as the Tesla S P85D.

To solve this problem, The Mill, an advertising agency, has developed a transformable base car called The Blackbird. The barebones structure allows for adjustments to be made to the the wheelbase, suspension, and wheels.


The electric engine also allows for the replication of any type of engine performance required.

The Blackbird also has 360 degree cameras and laser scanners, allowing ad makers the ability to capture scenery in the dummy car for use later on via their CGI editors.

The Blackbird provides a basis for video developers to create multiple scenarios for different markets, all with the click of a button, significantly cutting down the cost to produce car ads.

Gear heads may be thinking that this is cheating, but let’s face it, today’s car ads are pretty embellished anyway. Maybe the Blackbird might result in more realistic performance ads? Ummmm…

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