Williams F1 team clocks record pit stop time of 1.92 seconds

Bradley Wint
Jun 20, 2016 10:48pm AST
Photo: Williams Martini Racing

The Williams F1 team have clinched a record pit stop time during last weekend’s European Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan.

During the 1.92 second record pit stop, the team did a tyre change on Felipe Massa’s car, equaling that of Mark Webber’s record of 1.923 seconds back in 2013 at the US Grand Prix when he raced for Red Bull.

Unfortunately as Formula 1 only logs these times to the hundredth of a second, we won’t know for sure whether it below or above the official record held by Mark Webber. Either way, it’s still on par and noteworthy!

Pit stop times have shortened dramatically since the introduction of new fuel rules which limit cars to 100kg of petrol per race.

DHL recognizes pit stop times by awarding their DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award to the driver clocking the fastest pit action per race season.

Here’s the video of that record stop.

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