WhatsApp “Chatting With” feature is fake

Bradley Wint
Nov 9, 2015 1:05am AST

With over 900 million users, WhatsApp has managed to become one of the world’s most popular mobile chat apps. With this much popularity, there are always those oddball rumors which spread from time to time, with the following being no exception.

In an age when social media makes it even harder to verify the authenticity of information, images like the one below are quickly spreading across Facebook (and other website) claiming that WhatsApp will be introducing a feature to see who your friends are chatting with.


It’s not hard to believe why people could easily fall for this type of misinformation though because just about a year ago, WhatsApp introduced the ability to allow users to see when their messages were read (with a little blue tick). This feature was initially mandatory and only made optional shortly after.

The photo above appears to be a photoshopped image of a sponsored post alleging that the WhatsApp team is working on adding the ability to see who your contacts are chatting with. Obviously this makes no sense as your WhatsApp contacts’ names are displayed depending on how you label them in your address book.

With literally no other website supporting the claim, it’s safe to say that this is yet another rumor that we should watch out for. Of course there are tons of Facebook pages insistent on reposting images like these in long run game of trying to get more followers and making money.

Moving along…

[Photo: Siervos/Flickr]

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