Star Wars Battlefront II is Coming to Gamescom 2017 With Space Battles

Rami Tabari
Aug 12, 2017 3:49pm AST
Photo: Polygon

EA announced that a never-before-seen Star Wars Battlefront II trailer will arrive at Gamescom featuring the long awaited space battles.

Along with that, two teams of Game Changers will be pit against each other live to showcase the new mode: Starfighter Assault. The match will be a “multi-stage original trilogy-era space battle.”

This means that the battles and characters will adhere to Star Wars films IV, V and VI.

The livestream will show players on the Fondor: Imperial Shipyard map and have them “weaving around an Imperial Star Destroyer complete with speedy fighters, thundering bombers, distinct hero ships, and more.”

EA stated that we will also see improved controls, a new class system, as well as enhanced customization.

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You’ll be able to see it for yourself when the gameplay reveal goes live on August 21 at 9:30AM PT. Go to the EA website to see the stream.

The new map, Fondor: Imperial Shipyard, will be added to the beta on October 6, or October 4 if pre-ordered.

For more details on the announcement, check out EA’s post or for beta/pre-order bonuses, click here.

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