Can you guess if these British place names are real or AI generated?

Bradley Wint
Aug 8, 2017 8:05pm AST
Photo: Raygee78/Pixabay

With the advances in AI, programs are better able to take data sets and rework them into something that makes sense. These algorithms don’t simply mix and match names from data sets but pick the best combinations using recurrent neural networks.

They are in no way near perfect, but if you need to name a beer or metal band, there are already scripts for that.

Dan Hon used one of those A.I. scripts to come up with names for British places using a data set of 50,000 real places in Britain. His results were pretty good. While some clearly sucked and didn’t make sense (in terms of spelling), other names were pretty realistic.

Before we link you to the list of generated named (over 4500), take the quiz below and tell us if you’re able to guess which of the following places are real or not. No googling, please!

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Can you distinguish between these real and fake AI-generated British places? I got %%score%% of %%total%% right

You can read up more on Dan’s experiment here and see the list of names here.

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