Super Mario Odyssey Scores Higher Than E on ESRB

Rami Tabari
Aug 2, 2017 5:25pm AST
Photo: Nintendo

For the first time in mainstream history, a Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey, scored higher than an E for ‘Everyone’ on ESRB. Granted, it’s not much higher being E10+, but it could mean Nintendo got a little more adult friendly.

The E10+ label comes from its cartoon violence and comic mischief. Most Mario games usually have comic mischief and some have mild cartoon violence.

It’s unclear what brought this specific Mario game to full-blown cartoon violence. Maybe it’s the hat possessing people in mock New York City.

It’s also possible that Nintendo is trying to adhere to an adult audience. Given that most of their fanbase grew up with Super Mario 64, they’re older now and may want to see more mature themes. Although, we’re not sure how mature you can really get with a E10+.

While it’s unlikely this will effect sales since it’s still in the E range, it’ll be interesting to see how the community will react. More details will surely be revealed closer to launch.

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In other news: Nintendo recently changed the cover art of Super Mario Odyssey.

Look closely at the bottom left clip art.

Some believe that the change occurred because it was ‘culturally insensitive.’ When ‘racist Mario’ comments surfaced, people who are actually apart of the Mexican culture spoke up. While it may be a mere a design choice, fans are still plenty mad.

With Nintendo’s running streak of being sold out, it’s safe to say you should pre-order now! Super Mario Odyssey is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 27 later this year.

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