New game mode coming to Titanfall 2 in free update

Jul 18, 2017 6:27pm AST
Photo: GameInformer

Respawn Entertainment is continuing to make good on it’s free DLC pledge for Titanfall 2 with the release of a new game mode coming soon.

Returning from the original Titanfall is Frontier Defense. This co-op game mode will allow up to 4 players to take on five waves of enemies while trying to protect a machine called a Harvester. Killing enemies will grant players cash that they can use to upgrade their titan’s abilities. Frontier Defense will have five maps playable at launch and Respawn has said more will be coming in the future. One of these maps is Rise, the “abandoned desert reservoir” map from the original Titanfall. The mode will also allow players to choose from one of five difficulty levels. A trailer can be found here.

Along with Frontier Defense mode, Titanfall 2 players can expect a new map called Township in Live Fire Mode and options for paid content in the form of elite warpaints. These warpaints will grant experience boosts when they are applied to their respective weapons & titans.

The free update, Operation Frontier Shield, will be available to player across all platforms on July 25th. For those who do not own Titanfall 2 and are looking to try it out, a “free trial weekend” will run between July 28th & July 30th. New players will have access to multiplayer and one single player mission.

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