Uber Sued Over Lack Of Wheelchair Accessible Cars

Jul 18, 2017 1:37pm AST
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Leaves Amid Growing Scandal
Photo: Uber

Things look like they’re just getting worse and worse for Uber. Just weeks after CEO Travis Kalanick resigned amid sexual harassment allegations, the company is facing ye another lawsuit. This time though, a disability rights group is saying the company violates New York City laws.

According to reports, the company is in breach of NYC law by failing to make enough of its vehicles accessible to disabled people. The claim accuses the company of “pervasive and ongoing discrimination” against disabled people. This is due to less than a few dozen of thousands of cars being disability friendly. Speaking to Reuters, Rebecca Serbin, a staff attorney for Disability Rights Advocates, said:

“Riders either face very long wait times or can’t get rides at all. The human rights law reflects the City Council’s commitment to accessibility. Uber is flagrantly violating that law.”

The company has yet to issue a statement. According to reports, the ride sharing company has yet to review the complaint. The company currently offers wheelchair-accessible rides through its UberWAV service, but fewer than 100 vehicles in its city fleet provide it.

Tuesday’s lawsuit was brought by the Brooklyn Center for Independence for the Disabled (BCID), Disabled in Action of Metropolitan New York, and the Taxis for All Campaign. Two other plaintiffs are Gabriela Amari of Brooklyn and Valerie Joseph of Queens Village, who use wheelchairs and say they want to use Uber vehicles but cannot. Both work for BCID.

Aside from Ms Serbin’s interview with Reuters, none have issued a statement on the matter. The complaint seeks to require Uber to implement a plan “to ensure full and equal access to its services for riders who require accessible transportation.” The case will obviously take a while to settle. Regardless of its outcome, the lawsuit couldn’t have come at a worse time for Uber. Currently, the company is looking for a permanent replacement for Travis Kalanick. The former CEO left the company late last month.

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