Splatoon is Getting an Anime

Rami Tabari
Jul 18, 2017 1:42pm AST
Photo: ga-m

With Splatoon 2 arriving just around the corner, Japanese magazine CoroCoro announces its anime adaptation due to air August 12. It will air as a web-movie, via their YouTube channel, that follows their own manga adaptation.

Yes, CoroCoro already has a Spaltoon manga by Hinodeya Sankichi, which first featured in their magazine in 2015. Recently, VIZ Media announced that they acquired the rights to publish the manga in the west later this year.

The manga follows four Inklings fighting a turf war, just like in the games.

It’s very unlikely we will be seeing it subbed since the whole channel is in Japanese. However, in light of VIZ Media’s acquisition, there may be hope for Splatoon fans in the west.

In the meantime, Splatoon 2 arrives July 21 along with the Switch’s mobile chat app. Nintendo’s ‘Switch Online’ app will allow players to access their gear and stats while being able to talk to friends.

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While there isn’t much on the anime as of yet, it’s scheduled to arrive August 12 so go… Alert the scanlation community that Splatoon is coming!

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